Sold my first bag on ebay, seller never gave feedback

  1. I mean buyer never gave feedback!! DUH I sold my first bag on eBay. It was a brand new bbag. I sold it for almost 400 below retail. Seller paid right away and I shipped it same day. Seller stated she was going out of town for a few weeks could I ship asap which I did. I emailed her when I saw signatured comfirmation to make sure she liked the bag ect. She said she got it but was going out of town. It has been One month to the day.I have emailed her to please leave a feedback, I guess she is still away. I dont know what to do. I thought this would of been a good start as a seller, now I have no selling history. This sucks.Does the feedback ever expire? I still havent left her feedback either, I was waiting for her to respond to my emails. It is no big deal, I just wanted to start selling and I was happy my first bag sold .. ect
  2. Aw that's so mean! She has 90 days to leave feedback so hopefully she will just ask again!
  3. Ugh! I HATE it when people don't leave feed back- I have several that haven't. You get used to it after a while, some buyers are just clueless. You can email them again- but its best to wait, you never know what could be going on in their life ;)
  4. You will get used to it. I learned a long time ago to never leave feedback unless its left for me first. As a seller, I will wait about 2 weeks and then email the buyer to ask her to leave me positive feedback so I can then do the same for her. Usually they will. They just forgot.

    If I'm the buyer I always leave it first. 99% of the time the seller will leave it back for me.

    I have over 1600 feedbacks, and it should be well over 2000 if everyone left me positive feedback like they should have.
  5. It happens. Sell something else..they will leave feedback
  6. It happened to me the first bag I sold. The buyer never left a feedback, but I had a feeling it was a wife or gf who used her husband or bf's account to buy it since all his feedbacks were electronic stuff. But the 2nd and 3rd bag I sold, the buyers were really sweet and left the nicest feedback. I sold 2 more bags after that and still no feedbacks :sad:. I was hoping to get more since I only have buying feedbacks and not much selling feedback at all.
  7. It depends really on how active your buyer is on eBay. Some buyers only log on occasionally to buy stuffs and don't follow up with feedback. Since FB is entirely voluntary, it's really up to the individual whether to leave it or otherwise.

    Since you've just started selling and needs to build your feedback, I suggest you contact buyer again to let her know the importance of feedback for you. But beware that sometimes, buyer may feel annoyed that a seller is *begging* for FB and leave a nasty NEGATIVE. I've seen this happened.
  8. I don't sell often on eBay, so my fb is rather low. I count on everyone leaving me fb, but it just doesn't work out that way. I do remind them, and if still nothing is left, I move on. I don't want to anger them, and have a neg because of being too pushy. It does suck, since we rely on fb for our business.
  9. I did not receive feedback for my last 6 ebay sales. How weird is that? I didn't leave feedback for them either. I got emails from them letting me know they had received their items and they were pleased with them. I emailed them back asking them to leave feedback and I would to the same for them. A few of them emailed me again asking me how they could leave me feedback. I let them know how but they never left it. Oh well.
  10. I'm the same, I have prob 1200 transactions and only 500 feedbacks.

    Don't push too hard about fb though, it pisses some people off and you dont want a neutral or neg because you pushed for fb
  11. I am a buyer and will always leave feedback... immediately after I receive the item... I noticed the sellers do not always give fb in return.... but that doesn't bother me much... I do what I think is right...

    Now from a sellers point of view that FB is very important... and indeed you best give FB after all is completely done (received and customer is happy= left FB).

    CONGRATS btw with your first sale ;)
  12. Perhaps she would remember to leave you FB if you leave positive FB for her. It might serve as a gentle reminder.
  13. Agree on not nagging the buyer to leave feedback. A seller I'm not 100% thrilled with has sent me multiple messages to leave positive feedback, and I find that really irritating. I want to write back "you first" or even put it in the feedback that if you don't leave this seller positive feedback he will harrass you. I believe I fulfilled my obligation as a buyer when I paid two seconds after the auction ended.

    I'd say the only sellers I don't leave feedback for are ones that I don't feel entirely positive about, for instance the item wasn't packaged carefully or the seller fibbed on when she mailed it. I'm not going to leave anyone neutral or negative feedback for something minor, but I also don't like feeling obliged to write "best seller in the universe!!! A+++++++++" when I don't feel that way.
  14. I've noticed that more and more sellers and buyers don't leave feedback. I think in general the ebay culture is disintegrating. FB is not just a courtesy, it's all we have to go on. Having said that, some high-volume sellers leave massive amounts of feedback, sometimes months later.
  15. Thank you all for your responses, i think she must have alot going on with her life. I will try again. To everyone good luck with ebay!!