Sold my Dior bag - Am I crazy?

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  1. I just sold my Dior Cannage Drwastring bag (white), because I just had to face it - it was too small to be a school bag, and too big for me to be just an everyday bag. When I received the money and I realised that the bag was gone, I nearly cried cause I missed it so much! Am I totally insane or do you guys miss your bags after you've sold them? :shame:
  2. I've never sold a bag - so far, all of mine are keepers! - but I imagine selling it off would have been the "right" thing to do if you weren't using it. I personally love the Cannage drawstring bag in aged metallic gold lambskin, and such beautiful bags are meant to be proudly carried and used! If yours was just sitting in your closet gathering dust, then you should use the money from the sale to get something that you will truly and happily use - Dior, of course. ;)
  3. That's excactly what I thought too, so probably it was the best thing to do. I also lovelovelove the Drawstring, my favorite bag from Dior within a very long time. An the metallic colours are even more beautiful! But maybe one day when I have lots and lots of money, I'll buy one again :yes: And of course, always Dior while waiting for it ;)
  4. Well it doesn't hurt to know that certain styles and colours in the Cannage collection do go on sale, so you'll always have the option of getting something from the range again. ;)
  5. Yes I do miss a few of the bags I sold...I will get them back one day ! :graucho:
  6. I only have 2 Dior bags so far and I wont sell them because i love them too much! even though i dont use them daily... i know they are my babies! i dont have the heart to sell them hehe ;)
  7. I think that is why I ended up with three of the same style. I sold it and then turned around and bought 3 for feeling remorseful.....
  8. You're not crazy...I take a picture of all of my bags and keep it in a binder so I have record of all the bags I've ever had. Somehow, it makes me feel better when I sell it. If you don't find use for it anymore, it's time to let it go. I wish they would make a miniature model of the bag that comes with the bag itself so we can keep the mini to admire it when we sell the big one.
  9. I've only sold one dior bag and I don't miss it. Usually I only buy things I continue to think about.
  10. well, you sold it already. I would get another Dior that's better to your liking. I'm sure you will find it. Dior has so many different styles.
  11. atleast yours were sold.. and whoever bought them will put them to good use :smile:

    i had two of my babies stolen...girly boston & golf.. it aches whenever i see another girl carrying either of the bags or just see photos of them... *sigh*
  12. oh this is scary to hear :smile: I'm thinking of selling my blue dior gaucho!!!

    i got it for a steal brand new from the outlet. it's beautiful

    am i going to be so sad if i sell it??!!!

    maybe i shouldn't


    PS. i just googled your bag. cute!!
  13. I love the idea of a miniature bag with the original one! :tup::nuts:

    Fortunately I've started to recover from my lost and decided that I should start saving for another bag, I'm sure that would help :graucho:

    Spielberg1, if you have any chance, don't sell it! I'm totally out of cash so I really had to sell my bag, but if you don't then keep it!
  14. You're surely miss it but you can still find a better one..