Sold my Celine so it's decision time! Beige clair

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Jumbo or M/L?

  1. Jumbo

  2. M/L

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  1. Hi everyone! I posted a thread a month ago debating whether or not to sell my Celine Phantom in the color "powder" (which is a nude color) to get a Chanel beige clair flap. Well, I sold the Celine! So now I need help deciding which beige clair flap to get! I know I want caviar and GHW I'm just debating on the size. I currently own 2 black lambskin jumbos one with GHW and one with BHW and a black WOC with GHW as well. I love gold! I'm debating between M/L and jumbo. I'm leaning more towards the M/L but am nervous bc it's smaller than the jumbo which I'm used to but I also don't want all the same size. M/L owners how much do you fit in your bag? Do you love the size? Regret it? TIA! I appreciate all your help and opinions! :smile::biggrin:
  2. You said yourself you want some variety in size. I love the M/L size and only own one jumbo. I love the size, am used to what fits in it (check some of the "what's in your Chanel" posts) and have never regretted going with this size. It works great also for day to night when the jumbo is a but too big for that. Go down to Chanel and try the size on and see how you feel; you're the one who needs to love it and live with it. Best of luck and please do a reveal when you get your lovely beige Chanel.
  3. Thanks Tutu! Great points! I will definitely post a reveal once I purchase :smile:
  4. M/L !!! Because im bias and its my next bag! :smile: Good luck !!!
  5. If you got already two jumbos, why not take something different? I go for m/l :smile:
  6. Yah I suggest you try the M/L at the boutique and see if it suits your needs. It would give your collection diversity and as tutu said it will transition to evening use nicely as well. Can't wait to see your reveal!
  7. I got a beige m/l w/ GHW in August of last year and I LOVE it. I strongly suggest m/l because then you can wear it during the day with cute summer outfits and it won't look out of place at night with a nice dress. It really only fits the essentials...a small wallet, key pouch, a lipgloss and your phone.

    I got so used to the m/l size, when I use the my jumbo (black caviar shw) it seems very large and heavy!

    oh and m/l looks amazing single strap!
  8. It depend what you put in your purse and how you use them. I personally prefer jumbo size and own two jumbo in white and beige. I can use them for my daily basis. I also own m/l in black and red for dinner and events when I don't need to bring too much stuff with me.
  9. Congrats on selling your Celine! I voted for the M/L (L) because you already own two Jumbos (Diversity) and the L size to me is perfect to transition from day to night. GL & look forward to seeing what you decided on.
  10. I never regretted my m/l's, however my white jumbo I wish it was m/l. I still love my dark colored jumbos but as for lighter color I would say m/l.
  11. M/L, it's so beautiful in beige!
  12. M/L for beige!! The classy beige look disappears in jumbo size imo.
  13. I think the m/l is the perfect porportion. Especially as you already have the jumbo size, the m/l looks more dressy.
  14. M/l for me! It would look so elegant and the smaller size would make me less paranoid about getting the bag dirtied.
  15. Agreed!