Sold my bow satchel on Ebay, now buyer is trying to scam me!?!

  1. hey mods, sorry if this is the wrong place, please feel free to move elsewhere...

    anyway, as some of you ladies know, i have been deeply in love with my black bow satchel :heart: but unfortunately had to part with it because i've been really strapped for cash - so i put it on eBay :sad:

    the bag sold, of course, and i sent it out with a heavy heart. the buyer received the bow satchel in the post on schedule and was all smiles about it and left glowing feedback...three days later i get a message from her saying (in broken english, she's german):

    i have today see, the bag is a fake. in the bag is sign " made in türkei"

    It`S not ok.

    you give me my mony back and i send the bag to you.
    i keep the the bag and you give me 300,-€ back.

    if you not report, i report this eBay and go to Police ( Rechtsanwalt)


    eh...:wtf: WTF? i know the bag is authentic, i purchased it at a high-end boutique in california earlier this year. and i never saw any label in the bag saying 'made in turkey' or TURKEI or whatever. and i especially feel that if my bag would be a fake, it wouldn't have a label in it announcing it's a fake. who's with me?

    i'm also feeling kind of bad that i didn't take detailed pics of the interior of the bow satchel for my own reference and documentation...because fact of the matter is, now that the bag is in her hands, she could easily just find some dodgy tag and sew it into the perfectly legit bag that i sold her - and i wouldn't be able to prove it wasn't that way before.

    anyone have any advice? anyone been through anything similar?

    i am so sick and tired of eBay, it makes me want to pull my hair out. :push:

    TIA :heart:
  2. Wow, that sounds horrible. I'm sorry you are going through this. I don't know that I have any advice to offer, but I'm writing just to lend you an ear and say I'm sorry. Ebay has just become a very scary place whether you are a buyer or a seller. I have done several transactions over the past 6 months, each of which I've been equally disappointed. I've decided I won't shop there anymore, unless I'm desperate.

    I wish you did take pix of the bag, that's got to be frustrating. Do you have your documentation - i.e. receipt?? make a copy of it, put your name on it too - scan it and email it to her with a letter drawn up on an attorneys letterhead (assuming you have one) saying that the bag is authentic and the sale is final. Maybe you can scare her off. My only fear for you is that this was a paypal transaction and she's going to charge you back.

    How did she pay for the bag? Please hold onto all your receipts for the shipment you may need these later on if you have to fight this.

    My heart goes out to you... and best wishes for resolving this without losing out on your money too.
  3. padparasha - thanks for the support :heart: ebay issues can be so damn irritating!

    after a bit of research, i came upon this thread

    apparently others have had miu mius which are made in turkey - so if there IS somehow a made in turkey label in my bow satchel that i somehow never saw - what does that mean? apparently, according to the thread listed above, several authentic miu miu models have been made in turkey.

  4. I was about to post that 'made in turkey miu miu' thread but you already got it :smile:

    How about sending this authentic information to buyer and ask to send the picture of 'made in turkey' label?

    It is terrible to hear about your ebay trouble because I saw your beautiful black bow satchel on ebay when you listed, and I wanted to buy it at that time...

    Good luck!
  5. Oh Dear!!! I came across a similar story in LV thread.Apparently,the seller sold off her LE bag to someone from MEast and 3months later, the buyer claimed that she did not receive the bag at all!!! and asked for refund and the poor seller got to refund back all the $$ to her as she(buyer)has reported it to the Interpol..:wtf: its terrible... sigh..
    I have login to ebay previously and saw your bow on sale. I am on your side gal.. my coffer and bow are purchased from MiuMiu store directly in person and coffer have a tag that said 'made in Turkey' though for my bow I'm not so I have not noticed it before. (will check later and update you if there are any)

    As you can see from the thread - Miu Miu Made in Turkey? some1 has replied that MiuMiu are made in Turkey as materials are cheaper there and they are DEFINITELY AUTHENTIC....:yes: please keep us updated..and take care... keep all your documentations and save your ebay page just in case..
  6. not to discrimante but some Germans don't like Turkish people,that might be one of the reason. Ask for to go to Miu Miu seller in Germany (or where ever she lives in) and take a look at the bow satchel itself. OR ask her to become member here,tpf and I am sure many people would be more than happy to autenticate it.

    and there is an article from a Turkish newspaper (in English),which tells about this.
  7. justified - thanks for the tip and the link to the article... that's very helpful! i will send it to the buyer and hopefully she'll get off my back. *sigh of relief*
  8. np evilarchitect...hope it works out....and there is no reason,it shouldn't be. if the buyer pays attention to details then she should know the authentic facts for the bag,I believe so. Most of the designer brands,make their product in other countries like this and put their tag in Italy,France etc. and say it that is made in Italy. it's better to know where it is made,then thinking "oh!" it is made in Italy (and actually it isn't)
  9. so sorry to hear that. I have been eyeing your bag on ebay for a long time and its really saddens me that the buyer ended up like this. Miu Miu bags are made in Turkey! She is so ignorant....think the best way is get her to go to a miu miu store n look into the bag for that MADE IN TURKEY tag.
  10. Ugh! This is why I don't want to go NEAR eBay! EvilArchitect, I wish I had had the money to buy your bag myself! I absolutely love it. I guess if she sends it back to you I might get another chance, but that totally sucks that she is treating you this way.
  11. I would only accept a return if she can provide you with an letter from the Mui Mui store stating it is fake on the company letter head etc and I certainly wouldn't bow to her requests to have her keep the bag and money. Don't worry about the police threats the police are NOT going to do anything on an international transaction.
  12. should you take your money out of your Paypal account, so no one can touch it...freeze the acct. etc.
  13. To offer some further insight, a lot of Germans go on vacation to the very poor parts of Turkey where fake handbags are sold on every street corner, some actually good looking too. When she saw 'made in Turkey' she probably assumed it was one of these since that's all most people think comes from there.
    You should also be careful that she doesn't try to do a bait and switch with one she picked up from there if you offer to do a refund, since it appears you had a lot of other interest you might consider that.
  14. I sold a Marc Jacobs Buckle Turnlock bag some time back and the buyer received the bag and after a week contacted me saying she didn't want the bag-said something about the buckles and then she said she didn't feel it was authentic and did not want it any longer. It was 100% authentic as all photos in the listing indicated along with the tags that were attached when she received it. I indicated that I would have accepted the return but she had removed all the tags and the listing did indicate all sales final. She filed a claim with Paypal-I was not confident that I would get the same bag back - or get it back in un used condition...When it appeared that she was not going to be successful with Paypal, she filed a chargeback-AND somehow WON. I am now out the $$ and the bag. She has never returned it. I will NEVER sell to anyone with 0 feedback again. EVER. Sorry about your situation-just don't want you to count on Ebay or Paypal for any help---- I am going to make one more run on listings in a few weeks and then it is going to be so long Ebay/Paypal. They offer nothing for sellers... Sorry to rant-just don't want you to rely on them for any help...You won't get it.
  15. Tell her to bring it to a local Miu Miu shop or a high end departmental store in her area and get it authenticated (written down in a note black and white with the manager's name and contact details signed off as evidence).

    All Miu Miu bags are made in Turkey by the way. Even my coffer bag is made in Turkey. There's a tag in the interior pocket. I bought it in HK's Miu Miu boutique so it's definitely authentic.

    I've encountered many eBay buyers who are like that. They should ASK ALL questions before buying. Report that person instead, she might probably wanna scam you. Protect your seller interest.

    Explain to her nicely and let her know that all Miu Miu bags are made in Turkey, designed in Italy. The interior Miu Miu gold tag doesn't say made in Italy unlike the Prada ones. Even some Prada bags are made in Turkey as well. Ask her to prove its authenticity. Provide her with a copy of your receipt if possible.

    Hope that helps! Lemme know the outcome! :heart:

    I'm with you, don't be so distressed! xo