Sold MK bag - winning bidder not responding to emails

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    I'm really new to the Purse a Forum, so hello! This forum came up when I googled how to find help!

    I recently listed a Michael Kors bag on Ebay. It had a lot of interest because I set the starting price so low, but ended up selling for over $130.

    The winning bidder I am pretty sure was a snipe. It was sitting in $98 up until the last second and then jumped up to $130 as there were two snipers. However the winner has not replied to emails or paid for the item.

    It's only been two days but the zero contact is making me uncomfortable. Especially as I'm pretty sure they were sniper bids. Any advice?
  2. I usually send one more invoice then if I don't hear anything w/in the next 24 hours I open a non paying bidder. Ebay gives buyers 2 days to pay. There is no requirement that a buyer contact a seller.
  3. I invoice after 24 hours if no payment and then start the non-paying bidder process at the 2 day point, unless the buyer has been in contact to ask for additional time to pay. I don't sell that much but I don't chase and don't worry about it. You can't make a buyer pay unfortunately!
  4. Thank you. If they don't pay do you re list as another auction or a buy it now? Seems annoying to have to go through the auction process again?
  5. Entirely your decision.

    If you did an auction the first time then contact the next lowest bidder and explain your high bidder hasn't paid so would they still be interested in the bag. If so then you can make them a second chance offer.
  6. What's a reasonable time to wait? I don't really want to have to open a dispute with ebay, but with no contact for two days, should I contact ebay?
  7. I open it after 2 days of no paying/no contact.
  8. It's not really a dispute, just an unpaid item case. It's really easy to do, too. The faster you open it, the faster you can get your fees credited back to your account.

    Also, the buyer will earn a well deserved strike so they won't be able to bid so easily next time around.

    Press that button, gurl! :graucho:
  9. Where is the button?

    Suggest you have a read and follow the relevant hyperlinks. Hope that helps. This might prompt the buyer into paying, it might not. Ebay allows them a further 4 days in which to pay before you can close the case to have your fees refunded and sell to someone else at that point. No harm in contacting your underbidder to explain the situation and asking if they would like the item if your winning bidder hasn't paid by Monday.
  11. I recommend that you not send the SCO (second chance offer) to the next bidder until after you close the (UID) unpaid item dispute. The reason for this is that if the second place bidder buys and the winner ends up paying, you'll have sold it twice and without a second item to send, you'll end up with one unhappy buyer and a possible neg.
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    Was having a moment as there were three outstanding from last night, but someone paid this morning. After the MK incident I think I was starting to think its a new trend! However I feel good again!

    It's a bit difficult as I'm away for the next week and a half. I was hoping to tie things up before going away.

    Edited again:
    I heard from the buyer for the bag :smile: I think it will be okay. The buyer contacted me and said she will pay soon - I'm hoping it will be all settled before I go away. I'm just really happy there was some contact!
  13. Buyer paid :smile:
  14. :tup:
  15. Just remember buyer has no obligation to contact the seller. It's probably better that way any how. I send an invoice immediately after the auction ends and give buyer two days to pay. If they don't pay in two days and no contact to extend that 2-day window set by eBay, then I open a non-payment case and go from there. Sometimes they pay after I open a case sometimes they don't. Nothing much you can do about that.