Sold LV bag on EBAY - Canada

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  1. Just sold a LV bag on Ebay (have my eye on another LV bag and need to sell this one to get the other one), and my husband agreed to sell to Canada. Not sure why he did this.

    Buyer is paying extra for shipping, but I would like an ebay seller's advice on UPS or USPS. As I worked for the USPS for many years (and saw so many of its flaws), I tend to prefer UPS. However, I have heard that when you send an item to Canada it is better to use USPS as the buyer will not have to pay brokerage fees. Thoughts.

    I apologize if I have posted this in the incorrect thread.
  2. UPS is not without it's flaws, but you are probably still better using them to ship to Canada. The brokerage fees will be higher so make sure the buyer understands, and is okay with paying more.
  3. Yes it is true, UPS will cost the buyer in Canada more. Like lil_fashionista said, make sure the buyer understands this.
  4. Thanks for the recommendations to use UPS. I want to insure the bag for $900. Do you have any idea/guesses what the buyers customs and brokerage fees would be on a value of $900?

    My husband has the ebay account so he posted the bag for me. Had lots of interest. Can't believe he sold to Canada when we had plenty of other interest. It is so much more of a hassle.
  5. I am not sure. But I am guessing a lot! I remember sending something to canada that was worth $160 via USPS and they had to pay $ I can only imagine what they would have to pay in taxes/duties for an item worth $900 shipped via UPS.

    I have read some ppl have had to pay half the price of their item.
  6. I'm from Canada and always tell my seller to use USPS. USPS charges $5 for brokerage vs over $20 from UPS. I don't mind paying duty(8%) and taxes (12% here) but I get upset for paying brokerage and service charges and sometimes interest from UPS. Once I ordered a instructional video worth around $400 and had to pay over $100 from UPS and when I enquired about the fee they told me on top of normal charges, I was charged for them to write up a slip because I was not home and because UPS had to pay for my duties and taxes, I was charged interest at a loan shark rate. This was a few years ago so things my have changed.
  7. The buyer is from Ontario. Looks like from my research online that the taxes and duty would be around $210. Therefore, I think they will back out. Sending e-mail with additional info now.

    Will probably just repost. A little disappointing as I had a lot of interest in the bag, and there was no need to sell to Canada and incur this hassle.

    I have learned one thing. This is the first LV bag we have posted on EBAY. Have sold some Prada and Gucci before. The LV bag held it value so much better than other brands.
  8. I'm in Ontario and I buy off ebay from the US, Japan and the U.K. and also purchase from fashionphile in California.

    Unless the bag is brand new, it's pretty likely that the buyer won't be paying huge customs/taxes. As an example, I bought a $1200 bag from fashionphile and paid about $90 extra when it got here. For my LE pochettes ($400-600), I've never paid anything.

    As for USPS, they're cheaper but a major PITA to deal with (no tracking, extra long delivery times, etc.). If I can get a bag from Japan in 3 days, via their air mail and Canada Post, why does it take 2 weeks for something to come up from Florida?

    USPS is the major reason I try to avoid buying from the U.S.
  9. Dr. Dior - thanks for the info.

    The bag is not new, but I was planning on insuring it for the $900 the buyer paid. Wouldn't they have to pay the tax/duty on that value. Not comfortable doing it for a lower value as I would be the one out of the money when I had to return payment if something went wrong.

    Just not sure of what to tell the buyer their fees would be once the bag gets to them in Canada. I was thinking around $200.

    Love Canada - been there many times. Just not sure if it is worth all the confusion in selling across the border.
  10. Your buyer may not be so happy knowing that the tax/duty might be this high

    Perhaps if she doesn't want to go forward this would be a good out for you...
  11. It is not your responsibility to figure out how much the buyer will pay in customs and duties. It is the buyer's responsibility to know these things.

    It is better to use USPS rather than UPS for US-Canada shipping. The fees charged to the buyer are significantly less. I've been quite happy with USPS service to Canada. Also it is helpful if you mark the package "used handbag", which it is. Don't mark "gift" which it isn't. If you include any paperwork with the purchase, make sure the value on the paperwork matches the value you mark outside the package.

    How much your buyer gets charged depends on how customs chooses to evaluate it. Sometimes they just let things slide through - but probably not on a $900 item. It may be just the taxes or, if they inspect it, they may add some duties as well. So probably anywhere from 10% to 25%. (Although if it is a made-in-USA LV, it should just be the taxes - items manufactured in North America are duty-free)
  12. My husband was going to send the buyer an e-mail today. I really do think they will back out, and I agree the buyer should be aware of these charges.

    I think there is a way to offer the bag to the next highest bidder if the original bidder backs out. My husband is going to look into that.

    I was originally considering selling through online consignment, but decided ebay would yield a much higher profit. However, ebay does have its challenges. Although I have never had any problems before selling bags on ebay. I think the real problem is stemming from selling to Canada.

    Good news in all of this is that I now know that LV bags really do hold their value much better than some other designers.
  13. insurance is different from tax duties, I know for usps its like 1.30 something per every 50 dollars, but you can tell your husband to turn off the international selling option if you don't want to go through the hassel :smile:
  14. I usually go to to get a rough estimate of how much I expect to pay for duties/taxes/handling fees I don't get a heart attack when I pick it up from the post office. Maybe let the buyer know about it too? Hope it works out!
  15. Did you have which shipping method you plan to use in your listing? If so your buyer may be upset when they find out you changed it. Of courser if it's cheaper for them then they shouldn't be. Hope it all works out for you!