Sold item to new poster, now have problems... please advise

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  1. Hi ladies,

    Before the new policy, I sold my Chanel tote to a new poster with less than 100 posts.

    She now wants a refund for the bag (including the shipping), but wants me to refund the money BEFORE she sends the bag back to me because she doesn't believe that I accurately described it. I'm sorry she's disappointed with the bag, but I do have a problem refunding her payment while she still has my bag!

    On Ebay, I always waited until I received the item to give a refund. She paid via Paypal.

    I do not know this woman, she doesn't have a long posting history.

    Any advice?
  2. I wouldn't refund until you get your bag back!
  3. She's even sent me a Request for Payment from Paypal.
  4. I hate reading posts like this because it makes me nervous about selling my bags. I agree with you ... she should send the bag back first before you refund her. That's the procedure every seller does ... NM isn't going to refund you first before receiving the item!
  5. I asked her for $690 (including shipping and fees for the bag).

    She wants $730 from me to cover her fees!
  6. DO NOT refund her until you receive the bag back...
    When the bag comes back to you in the same condition you sent it then refund her minus shipping..Why is she sending it back?? If she just changed her mind then YOU should NOT refund at all but that is up to you...
  7. Oh hell no. You're not covering her fees. Get the bag back first (and make sure it's YOUR bag), then refund her exactly what she gave you. You can process it through paypal as a refund, so no one will be charged fees.
  8. are you kidding me!? Hold on to that money for dear life...It is ashame that even in this great forum we still have to deal with shady characters.
  9. Thanks, Sanguar. I guess I'll just ignore the Payment Request she sent me. This is so ridiculous.
  10. - Don't recover fees. That was never agreed upon. Tell her to send you the bag right away through the fastest way possible!
    - Upon receipt of item, you will transfer her what she paid.

    Since you paid shipping first (to send her the item), she should pay for it this time!!

    Also, tell a MOD to help you deal with this person and explain to paypal the situation and how you described the purse, provided pictures, and so on
  11. That's why i'm always skeptical a/b selling anything to newbies. (sorrie)
    I think you should get your bag back first, there's no reason why u should refund the money to her first. Also, you shouldn't have to give her back the shipping fee. It's standard everywhere. (i.e. accept returns minus shipping)
  12. She says there are stains on the front of the bag, and one of the chains is coming loose??

    I've been a regular member here for a while and if only for the sake of reputation because I enjoy this board. I would *never* sell a bag here without fully disclosing everything wrong with it. I am totally unaware of what she is talking about ("undisclosed damages"). I really am hoping I don't get my bag back (if she ever sends it back because she's expecting a refund first) with damage that are not originally there.
  13. It makes me mad to hear things like this. Marketplace is supposed to be a place where all of us purse lovers can do business with ease, trust and honesty, especially since most of us have had bad experiences on ebay.

    Do not refund her $$ before you get your bag back. I would not pay the fees either. Her demand is ridicilous! :mad:

    Edit to add: Good luck IntlSet. Hope everything works out!
  14. Do you feel like you described the bag accurately? Were there several pictures the buyer could view? If so, I would probably not issue a refund at all. If you are okay with giving the refund, don't do so until the bag is back in your hands. You have no way of knowing if this person is honest and you could easily be scammed. It's likely that she simply has buyer's remorse--but you are not a store and are under no obligation to accept returns unless you feel you may have missed something in the description.

    Good luck!
  15. I agree with Sanguar, you can do a refund thru Paypal and this way no fees will be involved. Get the bag first.
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