Sold item, received + feedback, and 2 weeks later a Paypal claim???

  1. Hi everyone!
    I sold an item on eBay, shipped with delivery confirmation to confirmed Paypal address, item was delivered on Dec 17th, I received positive eBay feedback (I quote "excellent seller, fast shipping, would buy from again"). This AM I received a claim from Paypal that the buyer claims this is an unauthorized transaction and now there are funds being held from me in my Paypal account! WTF!!!!
    I got home from work today, found the tracking number, and entered the tracking number in my side of the claim in the Paypal resolution center to prove when it was delivered, and also explained that I shipped to the confirmed address and was given positive feedback.
    Now I am waiting.
    What will happen??? Has anyone been thru this? What is this buyer trying to pull???? Will Paypal side in my favor?
    Any info is grateful. Thanks!!!
  2. Is the buyer claiming the account was hijacked? It seems with the proof of delivery and the positive feedback you should be in the clear. Have you tried to contact live help?

  3. I also shipped it to her CONFIRMED Paypal address! It's not like she requested I ship it to a separate different address; THEN I would have wondered if her account might have been hijacked, but then I got positive feedback also.
    I have not tried the live help; I'll go look into that right now.
    Thanks for the advice!
  4. I have had that happen and it was just a glitch of some sort with the buyers credit all got worked out fairly quickly and I got my money, but I would contact the buyer to see if they know what is going on...don't freak out yet...

  5. Well, I don't think this is a CC glitch. The claim actually says the buyer claims it is an unauthorized transaction of her account. I did email the buyer and asked "what is this claim about? You received the item and we both left postive feedback so I don't understand. Please contact me. Thank you."
    That was at 8:00 AM this morning and I have never received a response from the buyer. I guess I'll see what happens.
    Thank you!
  6. I am searching Paypal; how do I find the "live help"?
  7. You need to click on "contact us" and call them by phone. here is the #:
  8. It could be that the buyer's daughter, or something, used her account without permission-- but it sounds verrrrry fishy. You did your part so you should be in the clear, I wouldn't worry!
  9. Thanks, everyone. I am on hold with Paypal right now (my "expected wait time is over 10 minutes"....)
    We'll see what the rep says, if I ever get someone on the phone....
  10. OK, Paypal guy said eveything looks good on my side. They will further investigate her side, but on my side, eveything looks up to par. He said I am OK because I had the tracking number (remember ladies: always ship with delivery confirmation and keep those tracking numbers!!!!) and that positive feedback has been posted. So, he said he cannot close the dispute yet, but that it looks like my money will be released from the hold, and they will rule in my favor.
  11. This has happened to me before (but they didn't give me feedback). As long as you shipped it to the confirmed address and it shows delivered, Paypal should decide in your favor. It takes 3-4 weeks to get your money back. The only caveat is if the price was at or over $250, you needed to ship with signature confirmation to be covered by Paypal's seller protection policy. Hope it all works out well for you.
  12. Also, besides the confirmed address and the signature confirmation, always withdraw the money from your Paypal account as soon as possible. It's a lot easier to have a negative balance on paper than to wait for them to unfreeze actual funds. ;)
  13. Sounds like the buyer has no solid ground to stand on. You will be fine.

  14. This is what I thought probably happened too - someone used her account and was able to intercept the delivery at the house. I'll be interested to hear what PayPal does with this one.
  15. You should be ok... I've heard this happening to other members before, and as long as you have the tracking number and delivered it per paypal's guidelines, then you'll be ok. Rules are ship within one week of payment to Paypal confirmed address, and delivery confirmation if auction is less then $250, signature confirmation if over $250. I always enter the tracking info into the Paypal transaction info in the event anything happens....

    Let us know how it turns out! It sucks that you're money/account will be on hold in the meantime.