Sold item- posted it and buyer opened an anathorised transaction claim on Paypal.

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  1. Having a very strange month lately on Ebay!
    I sold an unexpensive item- jacket on Monday afternoon by Buy now.
    The buyer contacted me after they paid if I could post the item asap so they can use it at the weekend.
    I politely responded that I will post it next morning- they said perfect- weekend outfit sorted.
    So next morning ( yesterday)I posted it by courier with tracking number.
    Today I received a paypal claim that itwas an unauthorised transaction and they put hold on the money.
    I immediately phoned Paypal and explained them the situation, they told me to upload tracking number which I did straighaway, also added screenshots of those messages with the buyer asking me to post it soon.
    What will happen now?
    It never happened to me before.
    Thanks for all help..
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  2. As long as the Paypal transaction page shows "eligible" for seller protection and "ok to ship" you will be protected by Paypal. They will release the hold on the funds.
  3. It is impossible to see if it said eligible but their address is ,,confirmed,,
    Update, yes there is eligible and ok to send.
  4. You should be fine. As long as you've uploaded tracking, you will eventually get your funds. You are covered by Paypal seller protection. Even if it was unauthorized, that is paypal's problem, not yours.

    ETA: I've been having a strange month too, with all kinds of weird problems!
  5. If you go to your PP account and click on "details," where it shows "seller protection," it would show "eligible." If it shows as eligible for seller protection and you shipped to the address on the payment, you'll be fine.
  6. Thank you.
    Yes it was eligible and said Ok to send.
    I added the tracking info to the case together with a ebay messages from the buyer asking me to post asap to them.
    The case is still open.
  7. How strange! Sounds like you're covered so no worries.
  8. I would call the post office and see if the package can be recalled and sent back to you. This would really make the scammer mad.
  9. Well i am not that sure now.
    I contacted paypal twice now about it as it makes me anxious- this situation and they were very vague about theydo notreally care- said that it was the buyer who opened the claim and they have to hear both sides of story..I mean what story?
    I sold the item- posted it the very next day as I was asked. I did nothing wrong.
    I am with with Paypal since 2004..this is firstime it happened.
    Now the item was delivered and the buyer has both. Im out of my money and the item.
  10. Yes i was thinking about that but I worried that it would make it even more complicated so now the buyer has the item- was delivered yesterday.
  11. They do have a process to follow for these claims so you need to give them a bit of time to investigate. Perhaps the unauthorized transaction claim was made in error by the buyer. But none of this is your worry. You did everything properly to ensure you were protected so there is no reason to be concerned about getting your money back.
  12. Call paypal, give them tracking to show that buyer received the item (date and time), you shipped with seller protection to the address on record and request that they release the funds.

    While there's a process they do, they still shouldn't hold your money once the item is delivered. They may release, re-hold and release several times before it's over but phone calls can work more quickly than waiting it out.
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  13. I had someone buy a jacket from me on ebay less than 2 weeks ago and then file an unauthorized use of CC with PP.
    Can you share your buyer's ID? It would be interesting to see if they are the same.
  14. So thanks everyone. Yes i phoned Paypal and got money released over the phone conversation.
    Still the stress!
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