Sold GC on Ebay, buyer wants GC# and pin now

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  1. She paid immediately, has 100% feedback and almost 1000 feedbacks. Instead of me mailing the GC first class, she wants me to go ahead and send her the GC number and pin through Ebay messaging so she can go ahead and use it. Can I do this? Has anyone done this? Is there an Ebay or Paypal policy that won't allow me to do this? Please let me know. Thanks.
  2. I know nothing about selling gift cards on sleezebay, but I have heard a lot of horror stories. Hopefully someone else with GC experience will have some good advice for you. I'm curious to see what they say.
  3. I sold a gift card once, but i just sent it out. I wasnt asked about numbers and pins. I would say no, because you cant be 100% sure its them, also they could use it and say it had no money on when they got it and get their money back.
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    NO. Don't do that. There's a lot of GC scams going around, and many involve getting the info up front then filing for a SNAD claiming the card arrived with no $ value on it. Sure, you'll have the fBay email showing that you gave her the info, but that does not guarantee you would win the claim. Plus, if she mails it back and shows proof of delivery, PayFoe might refund her money because you got the item back. And like someone said, how do you know for sure your giving the info to the person who actually paid for the card and not someone else in that household? And, what if it turns out to be an unauthorized transaction--which is sooo in vogue right now? As far as I know, unless you mail that card, you're not covered by seller's protection, as you must show proof of shipment and delivery to qualify.

    Selling GC on fBay is super risky these days.
  5. I wouldn't email the info either. PayPal doesn't cover immaterial goods so just send out the actual GC.
  6. agree with Karmenzsofia! i also sold GCs on ebay and i always send them out with tracking.
  7. Do not give out now. PLUS if you don't have an item confirmed as delivered even if you can prove you sent the number/PIN then you wouldn't be covered for seller protection.
  8. Ive sold a couple before and I just send them out!!!