Sold for the first time-help

Nov 25, 2006
I have sold my first listing and have been waiting for the payment (PAYPAL)
the buyer just contacted me and asked if I can ship it to Toronto, Canada instead? I don't know what her address is on paypal yet but on ebay it says New York. Don't I have to pay customs fee for Canada? And is this not safe since now she's asking to ship it to Canada instead of NY?



BaG jUnKiE!
Jun 29, 2008
I would wait until she pays. The PayPal payment will list her mailing address. Use confirmation and tracking. Check also that she has a confirmed address (this should be indicated in her PayPal payment). I hope this helps a little.


Newly Coach Obsessed
Jan 9, 2009
New Jersey
ok so she sent the payment-do I go to accept payment? For some reason it says I have to upgrade my personal account?
I THINK that means that she's paid with a credit card. To accept credit card payments you have to have a premier account, which is free to upgrade to, but they take a small fee out of the payment you receive.
Jun 25, 2008
I think (not 100% sure) that if the amount of the sale is $500 or more, PayFoe automatically tells you upgrade the account to lift withdrawal limits.

Have you checked her feedback? I would not ship to any other address other than the one on record at the time the person made the purchase. If she wanted the item shipped to another address, she could've (a) revised her PayFoe account, (b) contact you before buying the item, not after the fact.

Shipping to Canada is a bit more complicated than shipping within the U.S. Would your shipping charges cover the costs? What about customs?

Plus, this could be a scam...
Apr 23, 2007
Simply email the buyer back and tell her that the seller needs to ship to the confirmed Paypal address on file and if that's Canada, fine, if not she needs to change her confirmed shipping address with paypal BEFORE paying you so that the appropriate address is reflected in the payment. I strongly suggest as an Ebay seller since 1999 that you stand firm on shipping only to a confirmed address, especially when one is involving another country.