Sold Date Sensitive Item, Check Did Not Clear

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  1. Hi, On 7/10 a person won an auction of mine for a Day Planner, winning bid was $115.00, (nice enough sale), anyway they paid with an echeck, 1st time around it did not clear, now on paypal it says it should clear by 7/28. How can I get out of this transaction with this buyer, I don't want to wait. Can I relist this or do a 2nd chance offer on this? I had many bidders on this item. My bad luck this person won it. Please advise how long do I officially have to wait for check to clear before I can cancel transaction and start over or offer a second chance? Thank you very much
  2. if you chose to take a check again, i think you have to wait to be sure it WON'T clear. i believe a check can take up to 10 business days to clear. if it does clear, and you've sold it to another bidder or relisted it, you can refund him in full but you do risk a neg FB.

    after the initial check didn't clear, i would have asked he pay with a CC or money order to avoid this song and dance again.
  3. Dear buyer: Your e-check bounced. I must receive a cleared PP payment by X/X/XX or I will file an unpaid item dispute and re-list my item. Please use a credit card to pay for your item via paypal. Thanks.
  4. ^^^
    yes, but if she's in the midst of receiving that second e-check, doesn't she have to wait until she finds out whether or not it clears?
  5. Nope. She can tell the buyer to cancel the 2nd e-check.
  6. Can't you just cancel the e check? I got one couple weeks ago and I believe I saw an option for that when I logged in my Paypal account. During the five days since I got it to the day it cleared, I kept wanting to cancel the darn thing whenever I logged in because I hated waiting, even for just 5 days! And if mine didn't clear on the expected day as it said, I would've cancel the thing for sure.
  7. You can go into the details and cancel the e-check.
  8. She didn't have the funds in her bank account the first time and when that happens paypal automatically trys a 2nd time. I bet your buyer is sitting thinking everything is fine right now.

    I have had this happen to me. I have 2 paypal accounts and I rarely use one of them. The one I rarely use is linked to a bank account that I ONLY use for paypal purchases so, I don't keep money in there until I need it.
    Anyway, awhile back, I purchased something for like $50 on ebay and I already had $40 in my paypal account so, when I paid, I thought that they would automatically take the $40 out of paypal to use towards the purchase and then, the other $10 would be comming from my bank account well, when I paid, for some reason, paypal didn't use the $40 I had in there, they decided to take the whole $50 from my bank account and when I paid, it made me use an e-check and since I was sitting there thinking they took $40 from paypal and $10 from my bank, I thought I was in the clear, it wasn't until I got a message from my seller that I found out that paypal tried 2 times to take the whole $50 from my bank and that my bank account was in the negative because, I also got charged an overdraft fee.
  9. Thank you so much for all the responses. Paypal automatically redeposited the check again without giving me an option to contact the buyer. I just don't want to wait 2 more weeks. For all I know it won't clear again. Would you contact the buyer about it?
  10. I would definitely contact her. I would just tell her that her echeck didn't clear and that you are going to have to relist the item. I would just ask her to agree to mutually cancel the transaction or, if you want, you can tell her she has 24 hours ( or however long you want ) to make a cleared payment. I would just be honest with her and tell her that you have already waited for so long and can't afford to wait another 2 weeks for her payment to clear.

  11. I would contact your buyer and explain that her check hasn't cleared and you are not going to complete the transaction
  12. she may not know it bounced. at the very least contact her so she can make sure theres enough in her account for this one.