Sold bag to ebayer who payment was put on hold

  1. I sold a bag to an Ebayer who paid me quickly w/ Paypal but then later that day the transaction went from 'completed' to 'temporary hold'. I thought maybe it was something w/ my acct since I'm new to selling, so I called Paypal and they said it was an issue w/ the buyer's acct, nothing to do w/ me. So I emailed the buyer 5x and never heard from her so I finally left her a negative feedback that states she never paid. When she saw the feedback, she sent me a msg saying she never got any emails and that she checked everyday. I told her which email address I had sent it to (it was provided on Paypal) and that I apologize for the feedback if that email address was not correct. She said that it's her sister's acct. So I started emailing her to correct address letting her know about the Paypal situation. She called Paypal and they said it's something w/ her bank acct and that she was working on getting it reconciled. She said she wants to keep her promise and buy the bag once everything is cleared. So now after 2 weeks, according to my Paypal acct, the case is resolved and is now closed and the funds has been returned to the buyer. :confused1:...confused, I emailed her letting her know that I got an email from Paypal saying the funds has been returned to you, what do you want to do? She never responded! I sent 3 emails and no response! So does that mean she backed out??? I asked her nicely to please let me know either way. What should I do now? Should I still wait? She said (her exact words) that she wants to keep her promise and purchase the bag. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt but she has not responded to my last 3 emails and the last time she updated me about her Paypal issue was 2 weeks ago. Has this happened to anyone? Please advise! Thanks so much... soooo sorry for the long post!
  2. Hi BabyK,

    The most likely scenario is buyer's remorse. She's trying to buy time and since you've already NEG her, I'd say you can forget about this sale. 2 weeks is way too long for payment to come through. If she is really sincere in purchasing the bag, she would keep open her communication with you instead of shutting you off like this. I hate to say this but you should have gotten the hint.

    Just remember to file a dispute to get back your Final Value Fees and then relist.
  3. The neg may have given her second thoughts about following through with the transaction? Sorry things didn't work out for you. :s
  4. I know I should've gotten the hint but in a previous sale, I felt I was quick to judge a buyer who turned out to be really sweet. I thought she had recieved a bag but claimed she didn't. So I was trying to give this buyer the benefit of the doubt. I guess not everyone is as nice or honest. So now the question is how do I recover my Final value fees?