Sold Bag on eBay.. shipped using USPS.. sick to my stomach!!!

  1. Hello everyone.. I have a huge dilemma. I sold a Gucci bag on eBay for $1550 on Saturday May 14. I create a shipping label on the 15th, pack the item up nicely and drop it off at the post office. It's going to New York. I usually go to the very front and make contact with the post office worker and leave the item at the counter with them once they've acknowledged me dropping the item off. That's exactly what I did this time around.

    There has been absolutely ZERO movement!!!! Nothing, not even an acceptance scan. I've called the USPS 1800 number, I have gone up to the post office, and I'm on hold with them right now and I get the same answer.. "oh, it takes time," "maybe its scanning with a broken scanner," "it's too early to do anything about it right now."

    The buyer has emailed me and asked me why it hasn't been shipped. This is really starting to worry me. Luckily I purchased insurance but I don't know much good that will do me since it hasn't even been scanned once. What should I do from this point on? Yes, I know!!!! I should have gotten a receipt!!!!! I know, I know and I'm kicking myself so hard for not doing that this time around.. anyone have any suggestions on what I should do? :sad:
  2. Go in to the Post Office. Ask to speak to the Postmaster. He/she has access to tracking that doesn't always show up on the computer.
    Best of luck.
  3. It's fairly common that there isn't movement until delivery. Or sometimes, there's no movement and all of a sudden, all previous scans show up the day before delivery.

    Today is only the 18th so while I understand your nervousness, it's still a bit early to freak out. (If you printed the label on the 15th, that was Monday.)
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  4. I have had that problem in the past. Most I think I've waited is three days. USPS has never lost a tracked package for me, if that makes you feel any better.
  5. Agree w the 'postmaster' response. They have another device that scans and has more internal updates that are not posted on the website. I was able to locate a package that had NO movement on the website after speaking with someone from the 'back'. They took down the recipient's name and address and it took three days, but they were able to find my package underneath piles of boxes lol
  6. Oh, I feel for you! I've been there and had the same sense of frustration and dread. If it's any consolation I've had the same experience as BeenBurned and all the tracking has shown up only upon delivery. Good luck, and try not to panic!
  7. Thank you to all of you!! I'm taking your advice and trying not to panic. I just left the post office and asked if there was anything they could track internally. She took my tracking number and went to the back. I heard her speaking to a male who I assume was her supervisor and all I hear him say is "5." She comes back 3 minutes later and says they see no kind of update on their end but do see that I've Inquired about my package 5 times... which I have... because I'm freaking out!!!!!! Lol

    I didn't exactly speak to the postmaster.. how long should I wait at this point for the package to be delivered? Saturday? She told me I could not make a claim until 15 days have passed anyway... which is fine.

    I've set up text and email alerts and have been refreshing like a mad woman..
  8. The great thing about text and email alerts is that you DON'T have to refresh. I usually check both "to date" and future activity. You'll get notified that you created the shipping label and from now on, you'll be notified when scans take place.
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  9. Did you get a receipt from the PO when you dropped it off? May seem like an obvious question, many do not know about this. Whenever a package is sent USPS, always ask for a receipt at the counter. It's worth waiting in line for, they scan it in right there, it's immediately in the system, and they will hand you a receipt.

    I'm so sorry you are going thru this, sending expensive items is stressful enough even when things go OK.
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  10. She mentioned this in the last paragraph of her first post.
  11. Please don't panic. I've been on both ends of stories like this: the buyer of an item that never scanned until delivered and then all scans showed up at once. Also I've sent items (plural) where no scanning showed at all until it was at the recipient's post office. Everything worked out fine. I also get a receipt each time I mail so that I can go back to the post office and show them that they received the package on a certain date.

    If your insurance is with USPS they will work extra hard to find your package. There are internal scans that USPS employees can see that are not available to the public. I've called the 800 number and had the CS agent tell me exactly the last time the item was scanned and when a scan was of the container that the item was in. So they can find / see more.

    Good luck. Be persistent but not panicked. If you initiate an insurance claim you may be surprised at what they can find.
  12. At the post office where I live (downtown Brooklyn) even after waiting on a long line, the post office worker will just throw my package into a pile and wave me off when I ask for a receipt.
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  13. I feel your stress. I buy and sell expensive items on eBay all the time and this has happened to me more times than I can count. I have had my fair share of panic as well. It won't show scanned at the post office where it was dropped off, or the distribution center. It often does not show up until it reaches the destination post office and scanned to go out for delivery.

    I'll say a little package prayer for you but chances are it's fine. The good news about priority is it is supposed to be 3 days max so you will know by this weekend.

    And last but not least-this is why I often prefer FedEx for shipping Chanel and the like.
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  14. You're right! I've been getting random texts for things I subscribe to and so far it's only been a snapshot of my Amex account and a "bill due" alert lol I get all too excited for nothing!!!

    Hopefully this is true. I've called the USPS 1800 and spoken to the post office workers and both say they see nothing in their databases.. assuming they're looking at the right one? Not sure...

    That has happened to me to me too! And it's frustrating... I'm so mad I didn't do it this time around. Line was long but all I can do is hope for the best this time around.

    I have a feeling I will start using FEDEX. My favorite service out of UPS, USPS, and FEDEX. Lesson learned!!!
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  15. Same for me. Never lost an untracked package either. :smile:
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