Sold an item to someone in AUS, im in UK rop

  1. how long should it take to arrive, first class airmail? I sent it on the 7th of Feb, and she's just filed an "item not received" with paypal. I still have my receipt with her name and addy, the amount i paid to send, and the date i sent it...not sure what to do
  2. Mm, I'm in Asia and from UK, my package usually takes 1 month or more even can take 1.5 months. Do you have the tracking number? Just give her and ask her to call her general post office because sometimes item from UK will bear in general post office
  3. we dont get tracking numbers here, she asked me for it, but you just dont get one :sad:
  4. How did you send it? Did you send it International Signed for as that should give you a tracking number? The only problem with it though is that the tracking stops as soon as it arrives in the new country. I think it does take quite a while to get there so she may be being a bit hasty in filing a claim.

    I know it limits what you sell but I only ever now sell within the UK as it's always been too stressful for me sending outwith.
  5. Just regular international airmail, it is getting ridiculous, people aren't receiving their items, and its starting to get on my nerves now :sad: I guess I have to file a claim with the royal mail?
  6. Ventia

    Royal mail have some ridiculous wait time to do that. Like a month after their number of days listed to get there. It's crazy

    Good luck with it - hope it gets resolved. It is because of this that I don't do it anymore.
  7. Thanks hun :smile: *hugs*
  8. You should always send by international signed for so that you have a tracking number. Even though the tracking isnt detailed at least the client can see that you have posted. By ordinary airmail this parcel could take some time but your claim will be settled when it arrives you can send Paypal proof of receipt or hopefully she will end the claim.
  9. Oh! Thought my UK seller ( Rebeccalou28 ) ever told me but she shipped my item by airmail and I got number, may something like invoice number? May we can't track this number but your buyer will be able to contac general post office with those number, receiver and sender name. I did the same to find my package.

    The number start with 2 letters ( country area ) then 9 numbers and last 2 letters ( GB ). For example RI859088778GB
  10. International shipping can take a long time, even if you send it "Global Express" or "Priority." I think if the item gets hung up in customs, it can take up to a month. I shipped to Brazil and it was supposed to take 7-10 days. She got it 22 days after I shipped. I do recommend finding a shipping method that allows you to track a package across country lines.
  11. When and if it gets to Australia, Australian custom and postal service are quite efficient in getting things delivered. May I ask how much you declared the value to be? If it was under 400GBP, then it would have passed through customs quickly.

    Most of the packages that I've received from the UK have arrived relative quickly - all within two weeks. Can't remember what delivery method they used though.
  12. Yeah I put it as gift and £5, maybe £10 so it wouldn't get fees or w/e
  13. Maybe you could check with the post office as to how long the delivery method you chose generally takes to get to Australia? It's only been just over two weeks, so the buyer was a little hasty to file a complaint with paypal. Your only course of action now is calling your postal service to see if there's anything they can do. Good luck.
  14. Only ever send things International Signed For (sorry, easy for me to say now I know). I do even if the item is only worth a few pounds. Paypal will rule in her favour if you can't provide some sort of tracking I'm afraid. HOw much was the item worth?
  15. £40...I can claim back from the Royal mail, but I dunno how long it'll take to go through etc.