Sold an item on the 27/02, received payment on 03/03 now I have an item not received

  1. dispute claiming im ignoring her emails. OMG! lol, im so mad. This morning I sent it first class recorded delivery, and emailed her with the reference number. But JEESH! I am sooooooo sick of this :censor:
  2. I honestly think some people are under the opinion that because you can shop 24/7 on the net, unfortunately, PO's and Couriers don't normally work at weekends.

    I know we are all the same for wanting our new bag yesterday, but, some people are totally unreasonable, it is unwarranted, but unfortunately a sign of the times. :rolleyes: Oh dear, sounded like my Dear Father there :hysteric:
  3. Reminds me of the woman who bought a book from me on Amazon... she ordered it on a Thursday night and expected it to arrive by Monday! She must have misunderstood the whole "shipped in x days" that Amazon tells them. I didn't get the invoice until Friday, and shipped it out right away, but since she wanted it for a class that started on Monday she left negative feedback and returned it (I had to pay for return shipping, too!). I was sooooo ticked off. Who orders a book a few days before the start of the class, doesn't pay for expedited shipping, and expects it there on Monday? I think some people just don't understand how shipping and the internet work. :cursing:
  4. its like im supposed to be able to transport it like the guys in star trek or something. Jeesh. I escalated to a claim on paypal anyway. I can't believe the nerve of her. "I sent loads of questions"...she sent one yesterday. Im definitely leaving neg. feedback, even if she is a new ebayer. but still. Im really pissed
  5. aw Katie

    What bad luck you are having at the mo.

    What did this woman expect you to do - run there with it in your hands!
  6. well, if you provide paypal with the tracking number they should side with you. and they wont let her claim something else if the item wasn't up to her standards so she pretty much screwed herself by jumping the gun
  7. UGH!!! Do they expect things to come FLYING THOUGH THE AIR!!!

    New ebayers make me so mad! But it's even worse when a veteran ebayer sends a message asking. I wrote that I shipped out within 2 BUSINESS DAYS, yet I remember a couple people who obviously did not understand what business days were....
  8. PP won't entertain it for a while. Don't worry. If she leaves a neutral or neg, make your reponse professional "Bidder Won 2/27.Pd 3/3/07.Shipped 3/7/07, Tracking #xxxxxxxxxxx". Not sure what postal service info pertains to Scotland though.
  9. yup yup!
  10. eBay scares me.
  11. She got it today, and has left me positive feedback, but has yet to cancel the dispute with paypal. Not sure what feedback to leave, she currently has 0 feedback, and I'll feel really evil for leaving her a neg. What do you think I should do?
  12. leave her a positive or neutral, but briefly explain all what happened.
  13. E-mail her and tell her to close the dispute. She can cancel the claim at any time.
  14. Fast payer, although filed paypal claim after only 3 days of paying. ???
  15. I would leave a positive and just say that she paid fast but little impatient.

    to be honest, new ebayers may go to forums like this one and read all what is going on here - I said that elsewhere but I find that if a seller opens a thread they will side with the seller and if it is the buyer they will side with that one -

    my point is: if you were the new ebayer, maybe a lot of people told you on a forum to open a dispute, just in case.... so she may not know better.