Sold an item on eBay and buyer claimed it's fake. Please advice

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  1. I sold a pair of christian louboutin on eBay, normally I don't do international shipping but she really wanted to buy so I made an exception. She paid me $35 shipping but then it cost me $62 to ship to her country (Kazachstain) I sent her receipt and everything since I purchased from Chicago store. And now she claimed it fake and opened a case to request refund ( I think it's more like buyer remorse) and I don't know what to do, please advice. Thank you very much
  2. What did she say in the case as for why she thought the shoes were fake? Did she provide any supporting documentation?

    You've got a couple of options:

    1. email the buyer and tell her to have the shoes authenticated here; you know they're authentic and you hope that will give her piece of mind.
    2. respond to the case and say that you'll refund her as soon as the shoes are returned in the condition in which they were sent out.
    3. respond to the case by refusing the return, and upload a copy of your original receipt; I would also consider paying for a professional authentication to upload as well.

    There are pros and cons to all of the above options. It really just depends on how you feel about your buyer and the situation.
  3. Thank you for your response, she didnt provide anything supporting for her accusation, she just saying item is not as described, it's FAKE. I sent her the original copy of receipt since I thought I don't need it anymore :sad: And I don't have the shoes here to take picture for third party authentication, except some additional pictures I took and sent her before the sale when she asked. ( I know lesson learn here, next time I should keep all the information for records, its just I thought she seemed sweet and nice and its 100% authentic so there's no need to keep any information for this "purpose" )
    And for me, its not really about return/refund, I could make an exception if she gave me a good reason for return like " doesn't fit her and she kind of couldn't afford for a pair of CL now for some money emergency reasons then I could just take it back, but she just saying it's FAKE and no more further information so it's must be "buyer remorse" and in this case she did it in unprofessional way.
    I called ebay this morning and the CS gave me some advices but not really helpful so really dont know what to do. ARGHHH, today is super bowl and also my LO first B-day and couldnt get this thing off my help to get it's ready for the party :sad:
  4. IMO, 1 and 2 are good options.

    Based on past ebay responses to #3, I am uncomfortable suggesting that one. There have been cases where the seller refused the return, ebay found in favor of the buyer and refunded the money plus allowed the buyer to keep the item (since they took the seller's refusal of a return as meaning that the seller doesn't want the item back).

    If you don't want to risk losing the money and the shoes, choose #3 with caution.
  5. Oh, and I totally agree that it's frustrating to get a "fake" accusation when the buyer simply has remorse.

    Unfortunately, many buyers see a "no return" listing and assume that if they're honest about why they want to return, they'll be refused. So they manufacture a SNAD excuse.
  6. Before I shipped it out, we exchanged information a lot, I sent her additional pictures, receipt, ect,...and even paid extra for priority service with tracking since she seemed a nice lady and she liked the shoes very much. I'm not a regular seller on ebay, most of thing I sold is what I don't use or couldnt fit anymore. And I bought some shoes when I was pregnant which half size bigger feet and now my feet is back to it regular sizes so I let them go but this is the first time it happened to me so it's frustrating because all my shoes were bought at department or boutique stores so I KNOW it's NOT fake :sad:

  7. Your buyer may be looking for some "reassurance"..

    If you can have the shoes authenticated, would do that first..
    See how your buyer responds & then you can explore
    other options...
  8. I sent her the link to the CL forum so she can post the picture up there and those lovely & helpful ladies there could help her "reassurance". Now waiting for her responses since I already did all I could on my part. Seriously, wish I didn't sell it to her :sad:
  9. I have the same issue with a buyer that opened a case this morning - it's really annoying.
  10. It's bother me because I really went out of my way to do everything so she could get the shoes she loves soonest in perfect package and in the return she claimed... it's FAKE. I don't blame her but I had hoped that she could just do all the authentication/research before she opened a case against me because she was a very sweet & nice lady at the beginning and I wanted my shoes find a good home.Anyways, I hope thing will work our for you with your case at the end :smile:
  11. Same here, my buyer opened a case w/out sending me a msg first. Anyway, I asked her to have it authenticated her or by an authentication service. Let's see what she replies. I was very tempted to escalate the case to ebay as seller so she had the burden of proof of un-authenticity but I know that ebay almost always sides with buyers (and let them keep the item + money!). Good luck to you as well.
  12. While I'm sorry you're both being falsely accused, keep in mind that the buyers may not intentionally be opening cases without contact.

    When the buyer goes to her transaction and tries to contact the seller, it automatically opens a dispute.

    It's very possible that both of your buyers had concerns and tried to discuss it by contacting you. They may only have wanted reassurance but in its infinite wisdom, ebay has injected itself into every facet of every transaction whether that's the buyers' and sellers' intent or not.
  13. I didn't know that but she opened a case and then sent me a msg along these lines "can you respond to the case as I want my money back" so I think she wanted to open a case.
  14. My buyer posted the shoes on CL forum to authenticate and those helpful ladies there confirmed it's authentic but she doesn't bother to response to the case or close it so I don't really know what she wants and keep waiting for her now :smile: eBay/Paypal is holding the funds and I'm having negative balance in my paypal account ,don't know if I should put money in there so the negative balance could go away?
  15. After so many days (and I'm not sure how long that is), you'll be able to close the dispute if the buyer doesn't respond or escalate.