Sold an item and buyer is upset. Please advise.

  1. I was hoping some other sellers could give me some advice about what they would do.

    I sold some car parts on eBay. One of the parts was damaged and I disclosed this, provided close up pictures, and said that I didn't know whether it could be repaired. The damaged part is replacable.

    Today the seller e-mails be upset that it is not repairable and he got a quote for the replacement and that he is upset. On top of this he is already upset because he didn't read my shipping terms and got upset I wouldn't ship to an unconfirmed address.

    How would you respond to this? I feel I disclosed everything regarding the transaction properly. How would this affect me if they did a SNAD complaint? Would you offer a refund less shipping (this item cost about $300 to ship so I don't know if this would be worth much).
  2. Stand by your auction you cannot let buyers walk all over you. You have to be prepared thouh that if he feels like this he may leave you a negative feedback, if he does follow it up on your own page telling people to look at the auction link.
    If it goes to Paypal SNAD use all the information in your auction ans save any emails they might have sent you reguarding your items!
  3. as long as you disclosed in the auction that it was damaged and it was possible that it could not be repaired then you should be just fine if they file a complaint.

    good luck!
  4. Thanks for the responses. That's what I thought but I have been a nut case with this listing. This is the most difficult buyer I have ever had to deal with and they have been complaining every step of the process about something that I listed clearly in the listing. They tried to low ball me before the auction ended and I almost feel like they are trying to get an additional discount out of me since I didn't accept their low ball offer.

    I just responded to them I would be happy to make things right if I made a material mistake in the listing but this was disclosed in the listing and in emails (quoted e-mails) to him before he bid so that he could take the damage into account in his decision. Trying to sound professional but firm.

    Anyone have any advice for SNAD claims as a seller if it comes to that? I'm trying to make sure I have copies of all correspondance ready to go in case.
  5. just keep everything and as soon as it goes to claim respond back with all the quotes and pics from your listing and post all the links to the emails between you both!
  6. Wait, you are the seller right? I'm confused.