Sold a bag then later regretted it?

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  1. Just wondering how many of you have sold a bag regretted it then when out and bought it again? I can't stop thinking about my speedy b monogram, starting to have regrets that I sold her.

  2. I couldn't believe you sold her either! I know how you love the monogram print!
    I just recently sold my Sully Mm and Alma bb epi elec. I can't say that I regret selling them yet. They were both still brand new, never used. They were impulse purchases so I never fell in LVoe with them😊
  3. I know, I was so going to buy it from you, I think you only asked for $1000 with shipping, and that is a steal. We all know you baby your bags, so it was a great deal for your buyer.

    It is a lovely bag! But I have seen quite a few new ones that are MIF at my local store, so maybe you can think of it as an opportunity to get another one but this time MIF. I think yours was MIU.
  4. Yes! I sold a gorgeous preLVoed Galliera that I only used a handful of times. Regretted it about a month later and bought another preLVoed Galliera. I'll never let her go! :smile:

  5. I'm right there with you. I sold my speedy b mono 35 because it was too big, but I'm really missing having a mono speedy b.
  6. I totally understand what you are going through. I sold my speedy b mono 30 and miss her so much. She was MIF too....
  7. Ha ha! It just happened to me! I sold my damier speedy 30 and was at the boutique buying another within 30 days. Dumb!!! Took a BIG loss.
  8. I have done that with speedy b twice!! Both Made in France too! I bought and sold speedy b 30 two times then bought speedy b 25 and that is perfect. There was just something about the 30 looking like luggage but the 25 is perfect.

    I have bought and sold mono alma 3 times and stresa both mono and azur 2 and 3 times respectively and then finally realized stresa wasn't for me!! I bought and sold tivoli gm then bought and sold pm!! You are not alone!!

    Maybe a speedy b 25 you would love and never let go?
  9. oh i was honestly surprised u let her go as well but think of it this way better to buy her back before the price increase than reminisce about her after price increase :smile:
  10. I sold my DA Speedy 30 to a friend. Every time she wore it I missed it. I ended up buying another for $250 more than I originally paid.:noggin:
  11. Omg!!! I was looking at my mono speedy B in my closet today and remembered your video and how you sold her. I was thinking to myself I wonder if she regrets it.....No lie!!!
  12. YES! I have totally done this! It was with the Speedy 30 in Monogram, in fact. I bought it years ago and thought it was too inconvenient being hand-held since I had small children. Sold it. Couldn't stop thinking about it. Bought it back. Then I saw it absolutely everywhere on very young girls often at the same time. Got super annoyed thinking it wasn't special, etc. Sold it. Couldn't stop thinking about it. Bought it again. Rarely use it, but I'm not selling it again. I enjoy having this quintessential LV in my collection.
  13. YESSSSS! I sold my 2007 balenciaga black chevre first and i have regretted it every day since. i haven't bought another one because 1. i don't like buying the same bag twice(even if i've sold the other) and 2. they don't make them using Chevre(goatskin) anymore- only agneau(lambskin)
  14. My contribution to this thread is a bit different...I sold my chanel sunglasses to a near buy consignment shop...I went to saks and saw the same pair that I sold (still selling for the hefty chanel price...missed them terribly) The following day I rushed my booty to the consignment shop and took back my sunnies :smile: I was so happy they didn't sell :smile: !!!!!! hehe
  15. Did I mention I went to saks to purchase a new pair of chanel sunnies but only loved the ones that I had and sold to the consignment shop hehe