Solarium - yes or no?

  1. My friend and I want to go to a tanning salon but we both aren't sure right now if that's a good idea. . . because there are many risks. . . like cancer
    I've already been to a solarium 2 times last year. . . so now I'm wondering if it's very dangerous for me now?
    Should I go again or not?
  2. I dont personally use them, I have very fair skin, so use the spray tan booths as I just find them safer.

    Sunbeds are a very personal choice, some people swear by them and say that the sunrays really do make them feel happier. Some sunbed stores here in the UK have large signs up showing some medical evidence that some small sessions are actually GOOD for you as it gives the body vitamins that are good for you BUT of course they would say that lol

    I am sure you would be at the tiniest risk if you have only had a couple, so dont worry. I guess solariums would be closed down if they were that dangerous, but if you are worried, have a think about a spray tan, its the risk free alternative :smile:
  3. I prefer the spray tans too, safer and if you do the mystic tan, or airbrush the results are really good. Sometimes I will spurge on the airbrush and then keep it up with one of the lighter creams (easier to put on...less streaks)
  4. I used to work as a personal trainer and one of my clients was a terminal care cancer nurse, she had a very positive attitude for life and I never recalled her to be negetive in anyway (I guess her job taught her a lot) anyway one day she was talking to me about sunbeds and she said there has been a massive rise in skin cancers since people use sunbeds.

    From the sun you get cloud cover and hotter & cooler parts of the day but on sunbeds you get a concentred does of rays. Also skin cancer's can be hard to detect and quickly get to a stage where there is more likely a sad outcome than a happy one ( sorry not trying to scaremonger).

    I've never used sunbeds since talking to her
  5. i've never done any fake tanning except for those lotions that tan you but i'd opt for a spray tan instead of laying in a bed.
  6. Avoid sunbeds/sun bathing. It's a great way to end up looking more aged; the sun damage will build up. You'll thank yourself when you're older. Use a fake tan if you must.
  7. I live in a state with one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the developed world....I would advise against using a solarium or even sitting in the sun for a long period of time:yes: It is taught here from a very early age to aways use sunscreen, wear hat, sunglasses, appropriate sun-smart clothing and stay out of our intense sun during specific hours....safest option is to FAKE it:smile:
  8. I say don't do it, but I do it anyway :sad:

    It's bad and gives you wrinkles later on
  9. If you must be tan, go to a spray bed!
  10. Thanks a lot for your replies. . . yeah it's sadly very true about the looking older and stuff. . . still I somehow think it might not be that bad - because I actually tan a lot in the sun anyways - is there actually any difference between intense tanning in the sun and one time solarium?

    well thanks again for your answers! :dothewave:

  11. how long do those spray beds last? and are they expensive?
  12. I say do it!!!