Solange Knowles

  1. For some strange reason, I actually don't mind the shoes and find them uniquely cute. But the whole outfit together is just...err..

  2. She didnt apologize for her rude behavior. She said that she stands by what she said, I saw her video and not once did she apologze for jumping to conclusions, in fact she said that TMZ and FOX are the ones who set up people to look dumb. I highly doubt shes selling out concerts anytime soon, her album is BLAH, she will NEVER get out of beyonce's shadow, she just needs to face it.
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    eeeek! Ok I think she is just trying to hard....
  4. ^What a hot mess!!!!

    I saw her on Fox and all I have to say is what a freakin snob!!!
  5. :faint: HOT ASS M-E-S-S!!
  6. Alright.

    So I just watched that clip and I have a lot to say. First of all...I can't stand people with that kind of attitude. Seriously. If she didn't have the common sense to figure out that it wasn't live before...for one! And two...the way she spoke to that news anchor...that one moment has made up my mind...I will never listen or purchase any of her music. Ever.

    And...that news anchor should get one heck of a bonus for the way she handled herself...I would have come unglued!!!
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  8. my guess would be horse hooves.
  9. I have to say I am not a fan of Solange. She seems completely full of herself, and that video of her having a go at the news anchor just proved what I thought of her. And to make matters worse, she never apologised.

    I can't stand people that think that they are higher than the rest of the human population. We are all human beings and nobody is better than the next person, we are just different.

    AND I think what goes around, comes around. So the fact that she is so rude and into herself only means she won't reach the level of success that she wants to. You can't treat people like crap and expect them to respect you!
  10. the audacity of her to think shes beyonce......

  11. Paging Mr Blackwell.....
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    Ha Ha

  13. Right!!!!
  14. Matthew Knowles is great at what he does. How else can we explain the world's obsession and ginormous success of his oldest daughter- who at best is a slightly better than average singer. Still he has cultivated a persona in Beyonce that always succeeds- and big time. Kudos to him for it. Im not a Beyonce basher by any means. She make good dance music. BUT, I live in Texas and there are a zillion girls in baptist church choirs who could outsing her. Heck Jen Hudson outsang her in Deamgirls. And dont give me the Beyonce line about " holding back for the character's sake".

    In Solange he followed a tried and true recipe. Solange, like a few other little sisters, (Ashley Simpson, Ally Lohan), is going for and edgier sound/ look than Beyonce. She's trying to convince us she walks to a different beat. Why else is she always talking about the names of her most un-pop-like sings?

    Take the song ChampagneChronicNightcap
    Champagne- liquor
    Chronic- Marajuana
    Nightcap- Liquor again, or sheet action depending on where you live and what you call a nightcap.

    People magazine gave the album great reviews, when Solange doesnt even sound as decent as B. Consider this, how many people even know that this is her SECOND album. Well done Matthew. Can you take me on as a client? If you can water down Kelly and Michelle who can actually sing, certainly you can do something for the tone challenged squawk that is my voice.

    Off topic,
    If we do start a baby sister bash thread, somebody tell me why the baby sisters all have big noses? is a prerequisite? goodness.
  15. She is gross, I dont like her at all, and she cant sing worth a lick. Shades of Ashlee Simpson :rolleyes: