Solange Knowles

  1. Jutice called and she wan't her dookey braids back, Solange....
  2. I hated those braids then, hate them now.

  3. :lolots:
  4. Her skin tone looks really funny for some reason

  5. DAMN!!!!!!!!!!! :lolots::lolots::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  6. amen!!
  7. Solange Knowles arrives at Merah Club in London Jul 15

  8. She needs security? Alrighty then.
  9. Gurl, with that entire outfit.

    I know that she and Zoe Kravitz are the head of the "I'm so different" brigade, but she need to go somewhere with that colorblocked foolishness.
  10. Solange Knowles is extra pissy right now. And for good reason. She tweeted her outrage and disappointment with policeman who pulled a weapon on her for no good reason last night.

    Solange had a run-in with the Miami police this weekend. And she tweeted what went down and that she's calling to report them. Apparently, she had a run-in with the Miami police department for some reason, then the PD used unnecessary aggressive force and also pulled out a weapon on her:

  11. omg!
  12. Wow! I wonder what happened?
  13. *~*That is so crazy that happened to her...I'm glad she's okay.*~*
  14. I read she tried to get into a Miami night club with a 5' blow-up banana and they wouldn't let the banana in? And she didn't want to leave the banana behind and got mad and complained that it was "racially motivated?" And she started an argument which resulted in the police being called.

    Or was that a joke?
  15. i'm curious what club she was in and why cops were involved. usually the bouncers are able to handle any situations.