SO'ing a lizard birkin...

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  1. I was thinking of SO-ing a 25cm lizard birkin preferably in a muted color to easily match clothings for next year (my mom's grand 50th birthday)...

    The question is does any of the ladies here knows how long will it take roughly? Or will the store/Paris accept the order? I want to talk to my SA about this, but I want to prepare myself first in advance. So I'll know what they can or cannot do.

    And if you don't mind, could you please suggests a great color for lizard perhaps...

  2. Your mom is young :nuts:! And so you are too!!:nuts::nuts:

    Lizard colours >>

    Blanc Casse?
  3. OMG...MrsS... I was going through the exotics thread just now and saw the same pictures, and I was thinking of the same color too.. LOL..

    Great minds think alike... :graucho:

    But another question pop in my mind.. Does lizard gets dark easily? I know Ostrich would? But lizard? Anybody has experience with this leather?
  4. :sweatdrop:I don't have anything in lizard skin, wellow. I am afraid of lizzie!
  5. You know...we really don't discuss lizard much on the board.
  6. Wellow, I'd LOVE to own a lizard Kelly or Birkin - yummm-O! I really love the look of lizard and ostrich. I have many lizard bags (not Hermes) that are over 50 years old and they look brand new. So I don't think it discolors.

    I think Pazt has a red lizard 25 Birkin - vermillion?

    Good luck with the SO, let us know what happens! :heart:
  7. i love lizard in vert anis:

    (luxury zurich)
  8. I :heart: lizard blanc
  9. I :heart: lizard in ficelle
  10. What colour is ficelle??
  11. It's a grey - it is DIVINE, and I would order the same colour, if only I could (we can't get it here.) Wellow, you lucky thing!!!!!!!!!! I ADORE ADORE ADORE LIZARD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Order TWO, and I'll buy one from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Oh, just wanted to add, it's sort of hardy, sort of delicate. My only lizard piece is from 1982, and gets daily use, and has held up well....but I have babied it, and you can still see a little wear from it's previous life. Don't get it wet!
  13. They are beautiful.
  14. Isn't the blanc Esse to DIE for????????
  15. Thanks, K! Sounds stunning!