Soia & Kyo Search!! Help

  1. Alright so I am crazy in love with this Soia & Kyo coat. I believe the style is Gemma but the problem is I am having a hard time finding it in the color I want. I absolutely love the gray houndstooth pattern and I cannot find it anywhere. If anyone has seen it online or instore please let me know!! P.S. Would love to get a great deal on it...a girl can wish
  2. did you check out with code lucky4 it is 25% off
    Nordstrom carries this brand too.
    good luck!
  3. Beautiful
  4. does anyone know how these coats fit ? all wool coats / dress coats run HUGE on me bc i'm too skinny (skin and bones type of skinny - not cool).
  5. I know for sure you can buy it through the Soia & Kyo website...for $360.00! Might be worth it if you can't find it anywhere else, though.
  6. I am usually a small and I tried one of their coats on and I was still a small. But I am not sure for you...sorry.
  7. I tried revolveclothing and they have the style but not the right color..sadly. I hope they get the gray houndstooth in because I would love to use the coupon code on the coat because $360 is a lot to spend on a coat for me.
  8. I saw the black and white houndstooth version of this coat yesterday at Bloomingdale's at White Flint. It was absolutely gorgeous! There's a solid red one there too that I think is the same design. I fell in love with them. Unfortunately, I didn't try them on and now I could kick myself.

    I hope you find the grey and white one. It looks really pretty in your picture.
  9. I bought a S&K trenchcoat from, might be worth a try?
  10. Thanks for the tip. I will take a look!!
  11. wow! i'm looking for a winter coat but didn't fall for any of the S&K coats till you posted the one you are looking for! that grey and white houndstooth is perfect! love that it's more subtle than the black and white, and more dirt-friendly than the start white ones.
  12. I know I totally IS perfect!!
  13. nes, they have this coat at bloomingdales south coast plaza. i was there today. they are also having a 20% F+F sale til 11/12, so you can get it at a discount! maybe you can find a TPFer who has a code, or get an SA to offer you the discount. good luck!
  14. I just bought this coat yesterday at Macy's!
  15. Really?!! I was looking at it there. How do you like it??? And if you don't mind, how much did you pay?