Soia & Kyo discounts??

  1. I found a few jackets on their website thatI really wanted to buy.. does anyone know if htey have any discount codes right now??

    TIA! :biggrin:
  2. you can get it at and email them with the order no. to apply the karizma35 code and they will take 30% off the price. i brought the eliana coat yesterday and did that. came to a little over $227!
    hopefully revolve has the style that you are looking for. good luck!
  3. I am searching for a Soia & Kyo coat too!! Sadly, revolve does not carry the one I want =(....if anyone knows of anywhere else please tell!!!
  4. Lord & Taylor sells them - try their site: some coats are 50% off!
  5. I will try that! Yeah I have been looking for the emmy, candy, and/or ella style.

    I didn't realize how cute their coatsand how they had so many different styles until I went to their website!

    Theres the emmy. Please let me know if you have seen that anywhere! THANKS A BUNCH!!
  6. Just realized they don't have the one your like listed but I bought the gemma in black from luxe label-- it's a Canadian site, so keep that in mind when making purchase. I didn't put that together but still ended up getting a deal,but I had a coupon code try GRECHEN15...Not sure if it works. Shipping to US is free--took about 8 days. They are fab coats. like the lil sista of mackage...
  7. thanks for the info!
    I just checked that website out.... saw a gorgeous Mackage leather jacket! So tempting but I must fo..cus...... ahh!! :sweatdrop:
  8. You can try Macy's with their friends and family 20% discount. They have some soia & Kyo jackets I saw that were on sale in store as well. Add that up, and that's a super deal.
  9. Cola262 -- I am really surprised you saw some at macy's!! Which one did you go to?? I see you're from NYC as well. I have been to the one in herald sq but never found anything there.. even simple as designer jeans.. however I haven't been there for many years so it could have changed.
  10. ive never seen them at macys either - maybe ill check it out today - which floor is it ?
  11. i saw some at leohmans for around 200 and they also have mackage brand as well.
  12. i love this line!!!! and i never even heard of them until recently

    for anyone inthe Long Island/NYC area........I saw a ton of Soia & Kyo coats at the Nordstom Rack in Westbury ---all sizes and about 5 different styles - i got mine for only $199.......with a $350 price tag still on it.......

    i honestly have not seen them anywhere else besides the internet

  13. I have recently discovered that Macy's (herald square) has pretty much everything! All the celebrities go there to premiere their new line of clothes or their new perfume. The entire 8th floor is women's coats. There were quite a few racks of Soia & Kyo when I went. It was coat la la land. :drool: Very very nice.
  14. AW MAN! will definitely have to check it out. the only place in NYC i've ever seen them were at lord and taylor and it was only like 4 styles.
  15. me too! I have to go check it out tomorrow. Thanks for hte info!!

    DanielleNY -- how long ago did you go? is the one in westbury at the source mall? I have never been there but I really wanan go! THanks for letting me know :biggrin: