Sohos at the Outlets & some questions

  1. With word that Sohos are on the "delete list" -- I know that my closest outlet (Pleasant Prairie in WI) has often had a lot of Soho flaps and mini flaps and other similar bags (maybe the ones just made for the outlets). Does anyone think it's a possibility that the Soho line could become an outlet line exclusive? Or does this mean they will be gone for good?

    I'm also wondering what sohos are showing up these days at the outlets. I'm noticing a bunch of NWT style 1452 and 1453 bags which I think are from 05 showing up on eBay -- has anyone seen these at their outlet? I'm thinking of heading to mine this weekend but I'm over an hour away and the last time I went was pretty disappointing. I still love that style duffle and think I'll regret not getting one someday. Does it hold a lot? Thanks!
  2. I saw a ton of them in the small logo pattern in green at Leesburg VA outlet this Sat. they also had black, brown and white logo
  3. The outlets have had their own version of the Soho bags for quite some time so yes, I could see them staying at outlets. Obviously, I am just thinking out loud - I don't have any information that confirms that. I just think it's definitely a possibility.
  4. but also the leesburg va outlet had alot of soho flaps.....i had a feeling that once those are gone they'll be gone... i bought a soho falp in june there, or maybe the end of may? and i went about the 1st of august and there was still alot of leather ones but also the min sig
  5. One of the Orlando Outlets had a lot of the new transfer sohos in. I really wanted a large leather pear hobo but I was there at the beginning of my trip and I didn't want to spend a lot of money before I got to the Key West outlet.
  6. I noticed that the Tulalip Coach outlet had a lot of large leather soho satchels there... in black, brown, tan and pear. I loved the pear but didn't buy it. I am thinking I need to go back again to get it.