Sohooooo!!!!!!! (just pictures, no reveal)

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  1. Ok so i'm fairly new to Coach and i didn't know what styles were in the Soho line until i looked at the new floorset pictures yesterday! *thanks to Bunny for posting those, i really appreciate it!*

    I took a risk and convinced the hubby to take me to the outlet yet again... so that i could return/repurchase my lg black Zoe since i have never used her and the price dropped dramatically! To my surprise, i was lucky enough to get a PA! My Zoe, along with some other purchases was supposed to be a 6 yr anni gift, so with the money i saved from the Zoe... i got this......
    Sorry i dont know what its called....or what colour it is..beige? sand? - i just know its Soho convertible.....


  2. OMG! Your bag is lovely! Somwone, what is the name/style of this bag?
  3. very nice, love the versatility of convert. you must of loved that pa too
  4. how much was she?? I want one now!! lol
  5. gorgeous bag--it looks great on you both as a shoulder bag and a crossbody! great 6 year anniversary gifts :biggrin:
  6. That is really cute! I love it!
  7. here's the tag...i dont understand all the shortforms :sad: if someone could kindly translate....thanks in advance!

    the bag was $169 + 20%off coupon- i paid an extra $24.00 on top of the original price of my zoe ($259) after the PA
  8. Lovely bag. Congratulations
  9. soho pleated leather convertible shoulder bag
  10. I love that color and it looks wonderful on you. They didn't have those at the one I went to.
  11. oooh!! sooooo(ho) pretty!!
  12. sooo very pretty. i really like the pleats and color. plus the crossbody option is really nice. ahh so many bags i like :P
  13. Pretty! I was stunned by how much I loved all the Soho stuff!!!
  14. Very pretty!
  15. I love that color and bag!! Totally a good shopping purse!