Soho - so good but so overlooked

  1. Last year on one of my trips to the factory shop I found Soho. This is mine in chocolate brown. I paid around £200 (think RRP was around £350) and I used it all winter last year. It fulfills my criteria - one strap, slouchy style - and proved to be a great bag. I also got it in chalk white/oak for my Mum for her birthday. It came out around the same time as Emmy etc so it passed most people by and is a real under the radar bag. Anyone else got one??
    P9240006.JPG P9240005.JPG
  2. Ooo that looks lovely. Must admit, hadn't really paid much attention to this style before, but my taste at the moment is leaning more towards the slouch factor in a bag, and that looks perfect!

    I have been after a white (ish) bag all summer- the chalk and oak could have been *the* bag!

    Do you recall seeing them on your travels recently SJ?
  3. The factory shop in Shepton had Soho in nude (a pale peachy colour) and ginger. They also had a strange version where they'd added fringing all the way around the bottom! I don't remember seeing the chalk Soho but they did have a whole section of chalk/oak bags.
    The slouchiness is what drew me to it. The strap can also be altered so you can carry the bag high up under your arm or lower towards the hip. I found it so useful, just chucked my stuff in, slung it over my arm and off I went.
  4. Thanks for the info! Really must pay a visit to the factory shop. The fringing one sounds, um, *interesting* ;)

    I also love the wide-looking strap on your bag - looks like it would sit very securely on the shoulder. And very good value!
  5. What a beautiful bag and a great find.
  6. I have one in apple geen never seen another one yet always get complimented yes very practical indeed x
  7. OOOh, please post pics in the reference thread. I've never seen an apple green one!
  8. I've seen them in suede with that weird, long fringe that was mentioned. They had them at the Mulberry sample sale last August in orange and black. They didn't sell too well, even at $150 US.
  9. The ones with the fringe weren't a good look! Think Mulbery was having a go at the Prada fringe idea - didn't really work!!
  10. Love your style Sara Jane. You have a lot of bags that are not commonly seen. Would love to visit an outlet store to see the Soho IRL!
  11. Thank you Aine! I guess it's because I spend such a lot of time at the outlet that I come across lesser known designs.