Soho small flap

  1. Here is the soho small flap in silver/blue. I'm still very undecided on whether to keep this bag or not. What do you all think?
  2. I think it's really cute!:yes:
  3. Oooh, that is really pretty. Looks perfect for spring/summer.
  4. I agree, it's cute and I like the color a lot. It would make a great spring/summer bag. :smile:
  5. Keep it it's very cute.
  6. Love that bag! Great color!
  7. I love that bag!! It'll be perfect for the spring/summer!!
  8. that's a really cute bag. i love the soho flap styles and i went through a phase where teal was my "summer" color, so my opinion is biased :p I would definitely keep it. I haven't seen that bag in that color around as far as i can remember...
  9. It's very cute and I agree with everyone, it will be great for Spring and Summer!.. ooh with a nice pair of white capris!
  10. I think it is adorable, but if you are having doubts then don't keep it!
  11. Very pretty! You should keep it!
  12. oh its cute! definitely a good spring/summer bag...oh man, another bag to put on my wishlist!
  13. I like it - think you should keep it
  14. keep it!! it's lovely!
  15. i think it is really cute, and i would keep it, but think about it, you could return it and get a different purse. if you dont think you will use it at all, i would return it.