SOHO Small flap pic's???

  1. Does anyone happen to have a pic of their SOHO small flap so I can see how much it holds? Thinking of getting this in sig. brown for the rest of the summer being it's a "compact bag" kinda. Was debating between this and the med. SOHO hobo at Macy's. I don't carry a ton anyway.Thanks!!

  2. Are you talking about this bag?


    One on the left?

    UI know it's called the SoHo Small Flap. It was $218?

    I can fit a lot, wallet, mini skinny, keys, lots... I don't carry too much so it's a good bag.
  3. I can fit the bigger wallet (cant remember the name of it but it is matching color in sig and does not have the checkbook), keys, cell phone, lip gloss and small brush. Not a huge bag but bigger than I originally thought.
  4. Here is my black small flap and a pic of what I would normally put in it (my LV Ludlow, mini skinny, wristlet with make up, keys, tide pen, and girly things in the zipper pocket, and my cell.


  5. Yep! These are it!
    All I really carry are wallet, cell, lip gloss, compact, keys,
  6. I love the small flap bags! I have one in saddle and chocolate signature. I've been carrying the saddle one for almost 2 months. It holds my checkbook, cardcase, cell phone, keys, lip gloss and wallet..although I think the wallet is a little big for this bag but I just had to have it cause it matched.
  7. Thanks!!!
  8. Looooove this color in sig.!
    I have only seen it in the leather recently which I love too!
  9. I don't have a picture of mine since I'm at work, but I just bought one of these in chocolate signature from Nordstrom's and I love it. Right now I have my signature stripe wristlet, skinny mini, cell phone, small brush, compact powder, lipstick, a pen, a Tide To Go pen, and two sets of keys and I still have a little room to spare!