Soho Signature Tote Opinions?

  1. I'm simply in LOVE with this bag! I'd love your opinions on it...everytime I try the "try on this bag" option on the site, every single bag looks way big on my frame. But 11 inches doesn't seem that big!

    I didn't see it in person in the boutique so I have no frame of reference. Pics of you wearing it would be appreciated too, thanks!
  2. which bag??
  3. On the coach site, under "shoulder" bags...the Soho Sig Tote. Looks just like the Multifunction but smaller.
  4. Wouldn't let me correct url. Will post again.
  5. Well - honestly I always "try on" a bag using the tallest model. That feature always makes bags look huge in my opinion and the taller model makes them look more realistic and true to size.
  6. I've tried that bag on and it's really big. I'm 5'6".
  7. :sad: I love that bag! I do want it but I don't want to look swallowed up by it, heh.
  8. where is there a try on on coach website?i;ve never seen it
  9. On each bag's page, look down to the left at the list :smile: They don't have it for the smaller ones though.
  10. The "try on" option on the Coach site is a nice idea in theory but I don't find it to be very accurate or helpful. If you really love this bag, get it and play with it at home with all your stuff in it. Then you will know for sure.
  11. This is definitely a large bag. It's not one of my favourites, but it does look much nicer on than it does online or even on the shelf. When you put things in it and put it on your shoulder, it rounds out a little at the bottom and doesn't look quite so boxy. It makes a great tote for books, a computer, a carry on, or even a baby bag as it fits a TON, and the side pockets are handy. If you love it, just get it either online or through the store. It's a cute tote and if you don't like it you can always take it back.
  12. omg i am such a dork!!!! thanks!!!
  13. Well, I wish it were that easy :smile: The closest store to me is 4 hrs away so I'd have to order it and I just don't know if I want to invest money just to have to ship it back if it's too big. I looked for it the last time I was in the cities but didn't see it so I have no frame of reference!