Soho satchel question

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  1. #1 Jan 11, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2009
    My DH wants to get me a bag! I love the color of this red bag but swear I saw it in the boutique in a larger size. This pic is from the website and it only measures about 12x7x4 which is too small for me. Did this ever come in a larger size? Also, do you know of any other red Coach bags that are a deep red like this? Thanks...
    OOPS forgot the's in the next post
  2. 12695_svrd_a0_front.jpg
  3. I believe the colored ones (red, lilac) only came in the small size. I tried them on at the boutique cause I really like the bag, but the small satchel is too small, and the large only came in (I think!) black and a tan color, which was booor-riiing compared to the pretty small colors! They are really nice bags, though - even the large - I was looking at the tan one, but then decided to hit the outlet instead. Hopefully these will make it there before long. Some of the signature small ones are already at the outlets, actually - I saw a bunch last time I went in late December.
  4. Off topic, but I wish all my posts started with your first sentence, "My DH wants to get me a bag!"
  5. Didn't this Soho line also come in a large hobo? There are some patent red hobos at the outlets, I think they are factory only bags. In the fall there were deep red sig (with patent trim) totes in various sizes, factory only bags. I think I might have seen a red Madeline and also a red Bleecker on the Japan site. I think there is also a patent red Peyton. I hope this helps. Good luck finding the perfect shade of red -- it's hard, I know!