Soho question

  1. So I am thinking about getting one of the Soho hobo-style shoulder bags. But, I keep seeing different measurements all over. One set on Coach, and a few different sets on eBay. And this is all for the large bag. Do the measurements really differ?
  2. There are several soho hobo styles -which one were you looking at????
  3. I guess I didn't know the style had another name! I just have seen the name Soho hobo. I'm interested in the one with the braided handle, if that helps. Does that have another name? I'm sorry, I know nothing about Coach.
  4. the one that is in the current line?

    i have this one:

    its the small hobo in pear.

    The measurements I find are different in leather vs. signature fabric and the way they "age" (sag). I have the small and its large enough for me, but I say if you find a style you like, then go for it, you can fit a lot in it and its a great bag!
  5. I like the LARGE Soho hobo bags. This bag is not really very large but it is roomy enough for all that I carry and it has a nice drop length on the handle. The fabric ones tend to be slightly bigger than the leather ones. They vary somewhat year to year so the best advice I can give you is to compare the measurements to the measurements of a bag you have and like.
  6. So they do vary year to year? I think some of the ones I have seen have been maybe last seasons and that is why they're different from the measurements on the Coach site. Thanks for the responses, I think I may get one!
  7. the newer ones i belive have the briaded strap. which i like SOOO much
  8. Depending on the specific style - soho hobos can be deep and slouchy like a bucket - or narrow and cressent shaped - like an inner-tube over your shoulder. Can you do a search on eBay - or Coach's site and nail down a style number that you like??? Some Soho hobos have a handle that twists once like the one pic'd above - and others that I have seen in the outlets lately have a handle that is truely braded accross the top and are leather cresents.
  9. The sizes do vary style/season but, Coach seems to measure the height of the bag from the end strap to the bottom of the bag. So, on a cresent shape it's a little deceiving, I prefer knowing the height at the center seam.
  10. Yeah they vary from year to year. I have 2 large ones from last year - they had braided straps:

  11. I saw a lot of soho hobos at the outlet yesterday. The newer colors were 169 plus 20% off and the clearance ones were $139 plus 20% off. Great size and very comfy on shoulder.
  12. Do you remember the colors?? And were they the small or the large hobos? Thanks!
  13. I was in the outlet today and there were many SOHO hobos in different sizes. I saw black, mahogany and a tan shade in the leather. My outlet doesn't seem to get signature bags. I think the large hobo is roomy but is not a really oversized bag. The large are originally $298 maked down to $169 plus 20% off.