Soho Optic Sig - WHITE

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  1. Does anyone have the White soho with the bee applique?
    I was wondering how hard it is to keep clean? I would not use it everyday.
    What do you think?:confused1:

    I love the optic bags and am thinking of the Chelsea Satchel also.
  2. I dont own the bag that youre talking about, but Coach does have a cleaner that you can buy to use on their bags. Optic is a great choice, I just love the shimmers! I have an optic hobo and an optic chelsea.
  3. The cleaner is FABULOUS... I had some coffee with me and someone pulled into my lane, I jerked my car into the clear and the coffee spilled all over my scarf print :crybaby:I did my best to dab it with a clean cloth (no rubbing!) and couldn't clean it until I got home and needless to say - IT ALL CAME OUT!! :yahoo: I thought it was ruined.

  4. Wow that is a great story!!! I am so glad it all came out!!! :tup:
  5. I do have that bag and I am just slightly more careful with it than I would normally be. I used it almost every day this past spring/summer and she still looks wonderful. I did get one spot on the back from setting her on a table in a bar (let's just say it was late in the night and I was not thinking! OMG!) but it came out the next morning by wiping lightly with a baby wipe. I've never used the cleaner, but I am sure it would work wonders if something got on her.

    I think you'll do just fine as long as you just watch where you place her!
    Coach Optic Sig Soho Small Flap.jpg