Soho Multifunction Tote

Dec 20, 2006
Hi, I'm new to this board. What can you tell me about the Soho Tote? I'm thinking about getting the big one in black. I think it is called the multifunction tote with the big pockets on the side. I want a work bag. I'm a teacher and I carry a lot of books and things. As such, I don't really get to use my nice pocketbooks so much so I've eased up in pocketbook purchases a lot in the past couple of years. I do like to have a nice work bag though. I just sent my other Coach work bag in to be repaired (Love that one). I think it was called the Signature Satchel. That being said I did pick up a work like bag earlier this week at the outlet but I'm not sure it will work. Plus I like to switch it up now and again.

I wanxt to know is it really sturdy? Are the handles large enough to go over the shoulder and over a coat comfortably? Any info appreciated.

I may go check it out today. I'm starting to regret a purchase for my Mom and I'm thinking about getting a gift card instead.


wake're alive
Sep 3, 2006
i've never actually seen that bag in sure about what you're asking. my advice would be to go to the store and try it on (make sure you have a coat on to see if it will fit!)


Just one more...
Jun 29, 2006
I've seen it in person and it is quite large. Large enough to fit over your shoulder with room to spare. The only thing I did not love about the bag was that although the leather was so very soft to the touch, it was not very structured and did not keep its shape. I prefer a structured bag as opposed to one that slouches down upon itself.
Dec 20, 2006
I checked out the bag in person. I like it. Its a maybe right now. It is very big. It should hold all my stuff. I may hold off as I want the Pink BCA watch. Also, I want the beaded ponytail scarf.

That being said. Many items in the catalog looked much better in person so now I want a few more things.


Jul 31, 2006
I should add that none of the SAs seemed particularly thrilled when I told them I was getting a gift card. Is it a commission thing?

From what I understand, SAs for Coach do not work on commission. I believe there are overall goals set for the individual stores, but one of the Coach SAs here would be able to address that issue with much more knowledge than I have!