Soho leather

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  1. How's it holding up? Really want the large chain tote but I've never bought a gucci bag before. Just want some input on how the bags are holding up. TIA!
  2. Hello!

    So far I have two bags from that collection and currently working on a third one. The first bag I've had since 2012, I honestly only wore her maybe 8 times if that. It's holding up very well but then again I don't wear her that often. I purchased the second bag end of 2013 I wore it maybe 5 times so far. The pebbled leather is soft yet durable very easy to maintain. I know I don't wear my bags daily but I will say this I LOVE my bags and haven't had any hiccups thus far. I mean I did have an minor issue with the stitching(I'm totally anal) on my chained tote when I first received her but after the exchange I haven't had any problems since. Besides the Soho bags, I own several other Gucci's bags and the quality is GREAT, they hold up very very well! All of my bags still look brand new, even the ones I've worn almost daily. I will add I take very good care of my bags, I totally coddle them! lol!
  3. I have the Soho Disco bag (bought it about a year ago) and it still looks brand new -- the pebbled leather is gorgeous and durable and holds up well, even if you get caught in the rain/snow. It does get a bit slouchier over time (which I like) -- but if you're looking at the tote in the first place, that shouldn't be a problem :smile: I'd definitely buy again!
  4. Thank you! A little more saving up and I think I'll take the plunge!
  5. I have 2 of the large Soho shoulder totes and the matching wallets. I've been using them almost exclusively for the last year. They are wonderful bags! I've got to say the leather and quality are amazing. Granted they were over $2000 each but they are worth it! I have several LV bags but in canvas and the quality is as good or better. The leather gets softer and better with age! I'm planning on adding a couple more colors to my collection as well. The wallets are also holding up very well with daily use. No cracking or peeling anywhere. Gucci doesn't seem to have the love that other high end brands have but I've decided that its because those people have never owned the Soho line!

  6. Thank you so much! This is great to hear. I just looked at this bag today in the store and I really love it. I have LV canvas bags too and I feel like the gucci soho line is very clean and classy. Plus no vachetta to worry about!