soho leather hobo

  1. Hey everyone! I am in love with the new mahogany hobo! Has anyone seen this bag in person? I have the soho small flap in black and I love it! It seems very classic.
  2. No i haven't seen it in person yet, but it is a very nice bag and color!
  3. The leather is fine, but I am not a fan of the contrasting stitching.
  4. Hi..yes I have seen this in person, gorgeous color. I did post in another thread that this bag is annoying. It won't stand up by itself, you can't fumble through it easily to get stuff and it is very uncomfortable on the shoulder. The problem is that it is soooooooooo cute to look at, just not very practical though. Hope this helps:smile::smile: (I had the black one and sold it on ebay!!)
  5. This is a great everyday, go everywhere bag when you don't want to worry about weather, etc. I have the XL in black and LOVE it! :love:
  6. I have the older version of this bag (a bit deeper) and I love it. It's very classic and the leather is lovely.
  7. Thanks for the info everyone! I am so undecided- Macy's doesn't have it and I am trying to get the 20% FF, so its either the sign. hobo or the small sig. duffle, which I am not really in love with too much...Decisions, decisions! It's good to know about it being uncomfortable though- comfort makes a huge difference to me!