Soho hobo question

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  1. I bought a black leather Soho large hobo on eBay a couple months ago.
    (Im pretty illiterate when it comes to Coach, so bare w/me)
    The leather piece (pully) that is attached to the zipper pull (what is it called, I don't even know what the purpose of it is? lol) is ripped in half.
    It came to me that way. How do i fix it? Any suggestions??
    Thank you!
  2. All I can suggest is sending it off to coach for repairs.. or goto a local repairshop thing (on your own risk) and ask for it to be replaced with another leather pull tab thing.
  3. I'm 99.9% sure it is authentic. When I bought it, I did not know about this forum, so
    I better post a few pics here before I take it to Coach:shame:!!
    I wonder what Coach charges to repair, and if they will keep it long?
  4. The shipping fee for repairs is $20-the repair itself is free the $20 will cover the shipping from the store to JAX and from JAX back to your home. Right now repairs take approximately 4-6 weeks. If you cant spare your bag for that long right now I'd reccomend stoping in to your nearest Coach Boutique to see if they have any extra pulleys- they fasten to the zipper with the same attachment that you'll find on Coach initial charms, its not the prettiest fix but it will work for a while until you can send it off. Im not sure that all boutiques keep them around (we do in mine) but if they are available they are free- just bring in your bag and be nice to the sales associate:smile: