Soho Flap or Hobo

  1. I'm thinking about gettting a black sig large flap or hobo. Does anyone own one of these bags and can post a pic wearing it on their shoulder? Thanks!
  2. I have a small flap bag in light blue, but I don't have any pics of me wearing it. I'm at work right now, so I can't take any pics. I'll try to tonight.
  3. Thanks, that would be great!
  4. i personally am not a fan of hobos. i have a soho flap in black leather and i love it. i dont have any pics yet but maybe tomorrow (after a midterm) ill post some
  5. What size hobo are you getting? I tend to go for large hobos so that definitely holds more than the flap bags for me.
  6. I am looking at the large black sig #10601. Do you own a hobo that size?
  7. um i personally like the hobos!
  8. I have the small SoHo flap in black leather,it holds alot.

    A couple of pics of the day I got the purse, ignore my dirty house, I did not even see that it was that bad till I looked at the pics.

    Here is a pic of me holding it on my sholder(boy do I need to get back on the weight loss wagon)

    Here is my daughter carrying it

  9. Thanks for the pics. The bag looks great!! Your daughter is adorable!!!