soho flap bag

  1. I have one of these in the hot pink signature from 3 years ago. Honestly, I have not used the bag much as you really have to arrange everything in there just perfectly so that it all fits. It is just too small for my needs at the moment because I have a toddler and a baby so I use it on an occasional night out with DH. That said, if you do not carry too much stuff with you, it may be OK for you. Try putting all of your stuff in it at the outlet before you purchase though.
  2. I got one of those at Woodbury! It was black leather with the mini signature. It was a beautiful bag, but it squeeked like crazy. Also, the leather on the flap didnt fold over right so when I went to put stuff in the bag it was hard to get the flap open. I returned it. I paid $199 plus 30% off.
  3. my soho large flap and i have a love/h8 relationship. as a pp said, u have to pakc everything in it just so bc of the awkward shape, and it doesnt stay up on its own, also v annoying. i can get my wallet (compact clutch), cell, lv clés, agenda, keys, pills and lipstick in there, and i have squeezed in my glasses 2
  4. I love it! i think everyone should have one, i mean it's a love hate thing, and maybe i'm just anal, because i have my purse to be messy, so to fit the most in there you gotta organize it, but i think it's so cute that it's worth the price!, but i would check your local outlet, you may find it cheaper.....
    [​IMG] and even then, i can fit more, because i have my makeup in a bag, so yeah, i definitely say try it!