Soho Disco UGH!

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  1. My bag isn't even a year old. :crybaby: I am as careful as I can be with my bags. The tassels are separating!!!! I contacted Gucci but i'm just curious if this has happened to any one else. Cost of repair? Etc.

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  2. I've been using mine regularly for a year and this has not happened. Sorry to hear that ☹️ I hope they'll take care of it for you
  3. Wow that's disappointing! Mine doesn't have that issue, and I hope it never does... have you tried going to a leather repair shop and seeing what they can do to fix?
  4. I haven't tried a leather shop yet! I'm a little over an hour away from the Gucci store so I was hoping maybe I could send my bag for a repair. I was just curious the cost and such. This is just upsetting.
  5. :hugs:

    I would take it to Gucci and try not to be too upset, it should be a very easy thing for Gucci to fix once they have it and hopefully not too expensive (they usually give a quote first).

    Do you have an SA at your local Gucci?
  6. Thank you.
  7. What did Gucci say when you contacted them? As the bag is under a year old, surely they should fix or replace the tassel FOC? Good luck!
  8. If it's under a year then absolutely :tup:

    Even if it's a bit longer, they should still put the repair forward for at most 'at cost' price. I mean one can hardly wear out a tassel :biggrin:

    If the OP has an SA that can put her case forward they shouldn't charge at
  9. The same problem - I also own a black Disco for about a year and the tassels are separating + shape problems. Disappointed. It's my first Gucci bag and not impressed at all :sad:
  10. I've now contacted them three times... looks like I have to make the 1+ hour drive this weekend.
  11. So sorry to hear that and hope that Gucci will resolve this issue for you. I've had mine for over a year and haven't experienced that problem.
  12. I'm so sorry this happened to you... If it's under a year old, it definitely falls under warranty, they should fix it for you for free! Let me know how the matter gets resolved.
  13. Oh no! I'm so sorry the tassels are separating! Please let us know what they say/do.
  14. I just dropped my baby off at Gucci yesterday. They said it will be fixed and returned to me in eight weeks!
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  15. That's good to hear! Did they charge you a fee for getting it fixed?