Soho Collection

  1. What does everyone think of the soho collection? I think it is beautiful.
  2. any pix? :p
  3. I can take some today, there is one photo on
  4. It is gorgeous. I have the e/w tote in the limited edition red (only Neimans bought this color). I was going to return it, but...... I love the style, love the leather and..... returning it just wasn't going well (long story; so karma must be saying KEEP IT). It's calfskin, but feels soft like lambskin.

    Beautiful collection. According to the NM advertising person I spoke with, there are only 2 bags in this collection: the e/w tote and the shopping tote. Found that strange (as did she), but that was what her CHANEL release stated.

    I DO have pics; just need to figure out how to download them.
  5. ew tote available in red in San Antonio as well as ns in black