soho bloomies, saks nyc

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  1. i went shopping today, and if anyone wants a baby mini silver paddington, bloomies in soho nyc has one! they also have silverados in 5 different colors, gold, python, etc... they also had the doctor silverado in black and brown.

    saks has the dior gaucho in red size medium. they also have started a waiting list for the other colors, they are getting a new shipment on tuesday. i think there are about 5 people on the list so far for different colors. it's a beauty, i tried it on and everything and i want one.
  2. oh cool! so you're going with the medium red gaucho?
  3. i think i want either the red or white. i have yet to see it in white though, but from what star is sayin, the white sounds fabulous!
  4. may I much was the gaucho..I am starting to seriously jones for that bag..:love:
  5. 1395 for the medium.
  6. What is the size difference between the medium and the large? And how "brown" is the red? I have not seen it in person, but it does not look that red in the ads. Thanks!
  7. it is not very brown at all, it's just the like grenat paddington i have. very similar in color. burgundy wine red.