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  1. Good News:
    I found my perfect medium shade of nude polish! It is Gelish Mauvy-Mauve (mini bottle). It's slightly deeper than one of my HG nude rnp shades: OPI Dulce de Leche. I love it!

    Bad News:
    While curing with my Mally LED lamp, a few of my nail beds began BURNING! As in HOT! not just "warn". Felt like a match was lit on them. OUCH!

    I was a bit shocked, as this hasn't happened before (I've done 2 other gel manis with Gelish color and Mally base and top coat with NO burning). I honestly can't remember how long it took for me to pull my fingers out, I was just so stunned when the burning feeling happened. A few sec, maybe?
    I read that this can happen if you apply layers on too thickly. I thought I applied pretty thinly, but???


    Now what?
    1---Should I leave the polish on and hope all is well beneath it?
    My nails do not feel sore now, but they did for several min after I finished the mani last night...

    Or, should I remove the polish?
    I thought this might just irritate them further, and thought I should just wait it out?

    2---Since it was only on a few nails (maybe 3?), does that mean it was NOT the lamp at fault? but rather my application of the product on those nails? (my guess) Or could it be this particular Gelish color that was the problem? or?

    Does Gelish make a polish thinner???

    Thanks for any help!
  2. I honestly don't know but a burning sensation sounds like an allergic reaction, or atleast not a normal one. In your case I'd take it off, because I'd be worried about it.
  3. My understanding is that this happens either because the polish has been applied too thickly OR, the nails underneath may be damaged and thin.

    I don't think it is the lamp. If you were able to complete the cure I don't think I would remove the gel
  4. I've never heard of Gelish thinner but there are a few other brands that claim to work for all gel polishes. Can't remember the brands but if you check Google, you should find them
  5. When gel lacquer cures, it creates an exothermic reaction. With a UV lamp, which cures slowly, that reaction happens slowly and is rarely noticed. With an LED lamp however, the reaction happens quickly and noticeably - a heat spike. While some people are just more sensitive to this than others, it is usually painful when either your nails are thin (usually from over-filing) or the polish is too thick. But it can be caused by a mismatch between your lamp and your gel polish.

    I'd leave the nails on for now, but you get any more symptoms, remove them. Based on what you've said before about difficult removals, I strongly suspect that you are applying your polish way too thick. Both the difficult removal and the heat spike correlate with that. If you find that you're just sensitive to it, then start curing with your hand on the outside edge of the lamp for 10-20 seconds, then insert all the way and cure for the full time.

    No Gelish thinner yet, but Gelös is a gel polish thinner made by LeChat that they say can be used with all gel polishes. Gel II and NSI also make one.
  6. I have the Ink gel thinner which works great.
  7. Everything NancyG said is accurate.

    I will add that when people say thin coats, they mean super thin. I always tell people that if you can not see your nail through the first coat then it was too thick. There are of course a few exceptions with very dark and highly pigmented shades, but for the most part the coats should be fairly translucent. You shouldn't achieve full color until at least the second, if not the third coat of polish.

  8. Thank you all very much for the advice!
    I will keep the polish on for now, unless I start feeling any soreness. So far, so good.

    Since I had such a hard removal the first go round, maybe some of my nails did get damaged. Maybe that is why, as some of you mentioned, I felt the burning sensation.

    Thanks again!
  9. Nancy G (or anyone else who might know!):

    Would using a UV lamp then prevent any type of "burning" sensation issues?

    I found a Thermal Spa lamp (45 watt) on Amazon.
    I believe that there is also a 35 watt one.

    If using a UV lamp would prevent any burning issues, does it matter which of the 2 Thermal Spa lamps I buy? Is the lower watt the one I should go for? or the higher watt?

    I still plan to practice getting the polish thinner, but I had to admit I'm a bit scared to feel that burn again. I may just wait until my nails grow completely out, before I try the LED lamp again.... I know that the UV lamp will mean longer curing times, BUT that is fine with me as long as it means I won't risk feeling that burn again. I really did think I got those layers on as thin as I could, but maybe the polish just needs thinning.... I read they can thicken if exposed to light and I do have my vanity mirror lights on while doing my nails, so maybe the polish did thicken? I'm going to buy some thinner to use before re-doing my nails next go round.

  10. No matter what you use, there is an exothermic reaction during the polymerization of the gel polish. UV lamps cure slower so the spike is felt less. You can also slow the reaction with an LED lamp by keeping your hand just outside the lamp for 10-20 before inserting it for the full time. The most important thing is to match your lamp to your gel polish. If your gel says a 36 watt lamp, that's what you use. There is no easily accessible way of determining whether the cure is complete, so it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

    I don't mean to chastise, but I strongly believe that you are going too fast and across too many brands. I think you may do yourself some damage this way. A mismatch between gel and lamp is a leading cause of heat spikes. Try to pick a brand and stick with all its components and once you have that down, branch out. Also, change only one variable at a time to figure out what works for you.
  11. NancyG,

    I appreciate the help! No worries! :smile:

    I have the Mally LED lamp, but I do NOT like her polish colors. Therefore, I guess I will NO longer use her lamp, as per your comment then. Correct? That is $200 down the tube, but am willing to buy a diff lamp IF I can use many brands of gel polish with it. Otherwise, I couldn't afford to buy various lamps.

    Are you saying that I have to only use a Gelish lamp for Gelish polish?
    And an OPI lamp for OPI gel polish?
    And an ACG lamp for ACG polish? wow, too expensive!

    Or are you saying that I must/should/can buy ANY brand of "36watt" UV lamp, IF the polish brand/s I like say I must use a "36 watt UV lamp"? ie, if (hypothetically) Gelish and OPI and ACG and IBD all say to use a "36w UV lamp", then ANY brand of 36w UV lamp will suffice. Is this correct?

    I'm hoping B is the correct answer.

    Sorry if I sound confused -- it's because I am.
    I simply want to buy ONE more lamp, yet I want to be able to use more than just ONE brand of polish. I don't see how I can "pick a brand I like best" IF I'm unable to test various brands with the lamp/s I have. I certainly cannot buy a lamp for each "test" brand. All I know so far is that I do NOT like Mally's color selection of polish.

    I'd like an alternative lamp, and hopefully one that will give me the widest range of brands to test out with it.

    Wanting to have my cake and eat it to, it seems.... :/

  12. My answers in blue.
  13. Hi NancyG,

    Thanks for the responses! Lots for me to consider. I think I will go look at the Gelish mini. At least I have several Gelish polishes to play around with for a while.

    Much thanks for all of your advice!
  14. I am using a gel base, gel polish, and nsi glaze n go and experienced burning when i put my hand under uv lamp. Is it because my nails are thin from removing acrilycs or because its nit for use on natural nails?