SOGs: Cleaning polish around cuticle -- What are you all using? Cuticle stick? or? >>

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  1. I'm curious to know how you all are achieving such perfectly clean, even cuticle-spaces between your cuticle and your polish. ??

    If you are doing the clean up BEFORE curing, are you using just a cuticle stick to remove the wet polish?

    Or are you using a corrector pen without acetone, or with acetone?

  2. I use an orange stick before curing. Way too hard to do it after curing. If I get a real blob of polish, I will use a pointy Q-tip first, it absorbs some of the polish. You can also use a stiff makeup brush dipped in acetone.
  3. Thanks so much, Bcabo!
    Pointy q-tip? I've never heard of those. Will look for some, thanks!
    I like the stiff mu brush idea, too.

    Much thanks!
  4. I use a "clean up brush" to remove excess polish.
  5. Looks like a tiny paint brush.
  6. I use an orange wood stick and if I make a real mess, I use an alcohol wipe and start again!
  7. I love SOG. I think its worth the investment because you are going to spend $30 each time you go in.
  8. I use a synthetic brush to clean up any mess on my skin
  9. An angled eye shadow brush dipped in alcohol (and blotted on paper towel) works wonders