SOG - What have i done wrong?

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  1. I have come to remove my RCM SOG this morning, used foil and acetone soaked pieces of cotton wool as always, but it seems like the base coat is still on the nail? The colour has come off but there is still a shiny coat beneath? I have wrapped three times now :-0 and it's a lot better but there are still a few lingering shiny patches.....what have I done?
  2. can you try and peel them off easily??

    I have had this happen before...
  3. Maybe take a high grit file and lightly scratch the shiny bits to create grooves that will allow the acetone to soak in and break down the polish.
  4. Doh! Never thought of that!!

    I've just put some OPI nail envy on for now...thought it might be an idea to give my nails a rest for a few days. No doubt they'll all break! Is there a reason this has happened? Have I done something wrong?

    Thanks both for your replies
  5. Ya you are suppose to take off the "top layer" of the gel polish so the acetone can do it job :smile:
  6. Thanks :smile: Strange thing is that the top layers had come off, leaving what seemed to be the base I tried to soak off AGAIN and it still didn't really work very well, even with no top layer to penetrate? Just seemed like it was welded to my nail indefinitely? Seems so unnatural to file the top of the nail never occurred to me.
  7. Some people have difficult removals from the beginning, some develop difficult removal after a time if they do some damage to the surface of the nail (aggressive scraping, peeling off your SOG, excessive dryness, etc). The base coat seems to adhere even more to the damage or pitted spots.

    I personally wear a regular RNP base coat under my SOG to avoid all this.

    There is tons of information and tips out there in all the SOG threads about various reasons and solutions to difficult soak-offs. I would search them for "difficult removal" or "difficult soak-off".