SOG Removal.........

  1. Hi Ladies,
    Which sog brand/system do you have the EASIEST removals with??

    I've heard a lot about CND Shellac being easy to remove, is there any other, or a LED brand tthat's really easy to soak off??
    Oh, I know about using rnp under sog base for easier removal, but I'm wondering if there's a brand out there that you don't have to do that to be easy to soak off.

    Thanks in Advance,

  2. I'd like to know this too. I do my future MIL's nails and the soak off (gelish) is just insane to remove. (No problems for me.)
  3. Shellac comes off much easier (and more completely ) than Gelish for me. I use Stikey base coat before any base as well. I hate difficult removal. It ruins your nails.
  4. I only put the ph bond stuff on the tip, and it comes off SO MUCH EASIER. No regular base coat or anything.
  5. I do think that CND Shellac sets the standard for removal. I find it removes better than Gelish, ACG, Geleration, et al. But OPI is as easy, if not easier than Shellac. With 42 OPI iconic colours out already and an LED cure, that makes OPI my fav.
  6. What's this??

    Ok, thanks. I've never used ph bond, I'm sure that'd be a total NIGHTMARE!!

    Ok thanks, I've looked into this line. I must say tho I'm not a fan of their rnp....:cool:
  7. Stikey Basecoat is green in color and is made by CND. Just a regular nail polish basecoat. I use it as well with Gelish to make soak offs easier.
  8. Ohhh, ok thanks for the fast reply:smile:
  9. I use the OPI GelColor base and top coats, and then use all my Gelish colors in between. It comes off like a dream!! I highly recommend everyone that is having trouble with soakoffs to try it. I also do use any any bonders, and I do not buff my nails anymore. I get about 10-12 days of wear.

    For removal, here is my process:
    1. Use a large grit buffer to break the seal of the top coat. (I know for OPI this is not required but I do it anyway.)
    2. Cut up a cotton ball into 5 small pieces.
    3. Soak each piece of cotton in OPI ExpertTouch remover and place over each nail.
    4. Slip on the silicone page-turners things over the cotton.
    5. Slip my hands into a plastic bag and throw a heated rice pack on top.
    6. In about 10-15 minutes, it slides right off!
    7. Anything that is left I VERY GENTLY scrape with an orangewood stick. I NEVER force it off. If it is not coming off, then I soak again.

    I am very, very patient with my soakoffs now, because I used to have to scrape so much when I used the Gelish base and top and I completely destroyed my nails. So now I am super careful to let it all fall off naturally after a proper soak.

    Switching to the OPI GelColor base was by far the best move I have made since starting my SOGs!

    Hope that helps!
  10. Does the OPI base have a nice short brush like the Gelish base does?
  11. No, it is just a regular brush similar to what OPI uses in their regular nail polishes. I like it and have had no problems with it. The OPI GelColor base is nowhere near as thick as the Gelish base, it is actually fairly thin, and goes on more like a traditional nail polish. So the regular brush is just fine for it rather than the short, stubby brush like Gelish which is super thick and has to be applied very, very thin.

    I just re-read my original post, and what I meant to say was I do NOT use any bonders....that's what I get for typing too fast!! So to clarify, I use the OPI Gel base, NO bonders, and NO buffing, and my soakoffs are easy-breezy!
  12. Thanks for the info ladies. I hate to waste, so I decided to pick up some Orly Bonder ($5 on eBay) to try under the Gelish base. I plan to switch over to OPI when I finish the Gelish base. :smile:
  13. Thanks!! I'm sooo tired of 2hr removals. Even the last shellac removal wasn't as easy as my 1st one & I don't know why!! I see U only use 1 cotton ball??? I usu. use about 3.........also I've been using ACETONE not any special remover......
    :okay: U got me really wanting to try this!!! I think I will......just found a good deal on eBay:biggrin:
  14. OPI is pretty simple to soak off. It's all I use now for my manicures.

  15. I was told by other people on the Gelish thread to try the OPI Remover since sometimes it makes a difference if you use the remover that is formulated for your base coat. I may try just pure Acetone one of these times too and see how that works. I just don't like how drying pure Acetone it.

    I use one cotton ball per hand, so two total. And I use scissors to cut each one into 5 tiny pieces that just fit over the top of each nail. Those blue silicone page turners from WalMart are perfect. They hold the cotton in place and provide just a little bit of pressure. Just make sure the little holes are to the bottom of your fingers so the cotton doesn't evaporate. After soaking for about 5-8 minutes, I will squeeze a little more remover into each finger cot. Heat helps alot too.

    Hope that helps! And remember no bonders of any kind and no buffing. If anything you may even want to get a nail shine buffer and use that to smooth out your nails - you want them as smooth as possible, no roughing them up. I used this as well and it really helped. I think you'll be very happy with the OPI gel base....

    I should also note that I also use the OPI GelColor top coat. I don't know if this has any affect on how well it soaks off, versus using the OPI base and Gelish top, but since my soakoffs are now so easy, I think I will stick with OPI top coat as well.