SOG : Pale Nude Shades -- Application & Color Questions >>>

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  1. #1 Apr 8, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2014
    Hi Everyone :smile:

    I'm finalizing my SOG OPI np list and realized that I probably should get a few "pale nude" shades in addition to the medium nudes/brights/etc that I've picked.

    The problem is that quite a few of the OPI pale nudes I use in reg np are always a PITA to apply. They are always super SUPER streaky on me (OPI Bubble Bath, Samoan Sand, and Coney Island Cotton Candy). My favorite pale rose nude (OPI Sweet Heart) is a dream to apply, but I don't think it's avail in Gelcolor.

    1- Are the 3 OPI nudes I mentioned above (BB, SS, and CICC) as problematic in Gelcolors, as they are in reg np?

    2- Does anyone know of dupes for those 3 in any other SOG brand?
    I basically want a pale neutral pink nude (BB), a pale beige nude (SS), and a pale peach-nude (CICC). I'd LOVE to find a dupe of OPI Sweet Heart, as well (slightly cool-toned, slightly muted/dusty, pale rose nude).

    3- Does anyone know of an SOG that is similar to OPI Bubble Bath in shade & tone, but a bit less sheer? I usually end up having to apply 3 coats of BB to get it to look the way I want. I want something between sheer and opaque.

    4- Do they make an SOG "white ridge filler"?
    I usually use at least a coat of Orly White Ridgefiller under my streakier OPI sheer pale nudes, as it helps to lessen the streaks (my nail beds are more peachy-beige than pink, so streaks really do seem to be worse for me than on my friends with paler, pinker nailbeds. :/ ).

  2. I'm BUMPING, in hopes that someone here wears SOG pale nude shades and can help me. :smile:

    Anyone???? lol
  3. Thanks for replying to my post, housieraussis!

    I did do a search for OPI BB and SS, but nothing came up. And I also had looked through the dupes thread, as well as the Gelish, ACG, etc threads. I didn't find any search results for "gel polish ridge filler" either. And I couldn't find any threads about whether or not OPI Gelcolor BB and SS were as streaky as their reg np counterparts. I was hoping some of the members might know...

    I did find some info on Gelish Structure Gel, but I think it only comes in "clear", which wouldn't really help me with the streaky issue, though it may help me as a strengthener. I may try it out.

    Thanks much for your reply! :smile:
  4. Streaks can definitely be an issue, depending on the color and brand. I'm currently wearing a streaky manicure. I'm dealing, but I plan to cover with rnp very soon!

    As far as gel ridge fillers go, I don't know of any, and gel tends to be self-leveling, so there probably aren't many out there. Most people combat streaky polish with white/nude gel undies.

    I posted some pale nudes in a previous thread that you started. For specific OPI Gelcolor questions, you will probably have more luck in the Gelcolor thread, since people who wear it are more likely to frequent that thread. I personally have Bubblebath, and while it is somewhat sheer with 3 coats, it was not streaky. Good luck with your search.

  5. Hi - I haven't used rnp in ages so am not familiar with the opi shades, but a color I have from CND Shellac is called Grapefruit Sparkle and has a slight peach tinge to it. You can see the photo I posted in the Shellac thread, my nails next to some pink bubble gum as a comparison. This color is sheer with one coat and nearly opaque with 2. Another color I like is from RCM called Simply Stunning. Definitely opaque in 2 coats. Has a slight mauve/beige tint to it. I'm doing my nails in it in a day or two and will try to find some product around my house that I can compare with in a photo and pm it to you. You may also see it inthe RCM thread; if not, just google it and check "images.". Hope this helps. P.S. my nails are very ridged but end up smooth without any filler of any sort. I agree that with gel polish you really don't need anything like that because it's self-leveling.
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    Thanks hoosieraussis & kathyathome!

    -I'm guessing "gel undies" just means an "opaque" color you wear under a sheer np? I'll go look it up. Thanks!

    - 3 coats of Bubble Bath?
    Good to know! I wasn't sure if one could use 5 layers of gel polish. Thanks!


    Thanks so much for the shade suggestions and info re the photos. I will go check those out. I do love some of the CND Shellac shades, but I only have LED lamps. I will check the RCM color, though! Thanks!


    So far in the "pale pink or peach or beige nude", and in the "taupe-brown nude"" categories, I am ordering:
    OPI I Theodora You (pale pink nude)
    OPI Samoan Sand (light beige nude)
    OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy (light peach nude)
    OPI Cozu-melted in the Sun (pink champagne-shimmer nude)
    OPI Bubble Bath (pale sheer pinkish-white nude)
    IBD Rustic River (I have NO clue what this really looks like on the nail, but the swatch looks like a cool-toned light taupe shimmer?)

    Lechat Brazilian Muse (to bling out the nudes if I get bored, lol)

    and I already bought OPI Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh (pale khaki nude)

    I think I pretty much will have my pale-nudes covered with this list. And I have the medium shades of nude purchased. There are so many OPI pale nudes that I own in reg np and love, but apparently they are not avail as a Gelcolor.

    Now, I'm off to find some BRIGHTS (not that they look good on me, but my eye is so drawn to these shades :/ ). I can wear bright pinkish-purples, so I've got:

    IBD Indian Sari, and OPI Pompeii Purple in my cart as well. :smile:

    THANKS so all who have patiently helped me to build my gel polish wardrobe! I appreciate it (though, hubby doesn't! lol)!

  7. I have Rustic River and have used it alone, but I more often than not apply a coat of it over things that I've bought that are brighter or too whatever than I expected, like Sally Hansen Mudslide and Sally Hansen Raisin the Bar. I'm attaching a photo of each of those combos with the Rustic River alone in the photo as well. (colors are true on my screen)

    Also attaching a photo of the combo I did last night, undercoat of RCM Simply Stunning with RCM A Dream Come True over top, also one coat. I like both these shades alone but couldn't decide. (colors are a bit washed out on my screen - they each have a little more pink than they appear - I ended up with a nice sparkly peach/pink)

    And I'll tell you what, your husband has every right to be unhappy - you've really gone all out so far! What fun THAT package will be to open. :P

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  8. Thanks SO much, kathyathome!
    I am definitely getting IBD Rustic River now! Good to know that it is sheer enough to layer over other colors. I bought a few Gelish np that are too-bright for me.

    Funny that I always "nude out/mute out" too-bright or too-dark lipstick colors by layering paler nude lipgloss shades over them, but never thought to layer colors with np. Thanks for that idea! I have a LOT of too-bright reg np in my collection that just sit in a box. I'm going to try this with some of my reg np nudes -- I think OPI Fiji Wiji Fawn looks a little similar to Rustic River.

    Thanks again for taking such time to help me by posting those pics. You're a sweetheart! :smile: