Softening of bags - Downtown and Muse

  1. Hi everyone!

    I was wondering if either the Downtown or Muse "soften" over time? They are both very structured bags, and I was wondering for those who have owned and used both, whether they slouch a bit more?

    I'm torn between a Muse and Downtown, and I tend to like bags with more of a slouch to it.

  2. I have the orginal deerskin downtown.. its softer and slouchy to begin with.. I love it.. ( just wish it had the outside pocket too)
  3. the more you use your bag, the softer/slouchier the leather will become.
  4. Hi SuLi!

    I own both of these bags, and honestly, I'd have to disagree with the statement that they're "both very structured." Many people have that mistaken impression, I think, because they often see pics of the bags all stuffed with tissue paper, and they look pretty rigid. In fact, when the stuffing is removed IRL and the bags are filled with the usual amount of "purse stuff," they're much less structured than you might imagine. I was surprised myself.

    I've had my Muse a year now, and it has definitely gotten softer. The leather is pretty pliable to begin with. It bends and can sag at the bottom if I'm carrying a lot.

    As for the Downtown, I've only had mine a week. It is the patent version, and I guess that patent leather wouldn't be as prone to "softening." But believe me, when there's not much in it, it flops over. It doesn't stand up by itself at all, like the Muse does. It's probably the slouchier of the two.

    I think to really judge what the Muse and Downtown are like, you'd have try on the bags with the stuffing removed, if your SA would agree to that. Hope this helps. Good luck with your choice!

    YSL Downtown and Muse.JPG
  5. The deerskin downtown is extremely soft and pliable. One of my clients bought it for traveling and LOVES it. I say go for the downtown.
  6. Here are some pics borrowed from the celebs thread that illustrate the "slouch factor."


    Aniston.jpg Madonna.JPG Biel.jpg Gyllenhall.jpg Minogue.jpg
  7. I have mine large buffalo downtown since april, and I noticed that it has slouched really a lot ( the same like my friend's one), but it's even better now that at the beggining.
  8. I have the muse, and the leather has softened up quite a lot even though it was never really rigid to begin with. But if the bag has very little in it and you put it down the bag will slouch nicely. It looks a lot more structured then it really is.
  9. i have the patient leather muse and it hasn't soften at all
  10. The leather does get softer over time.
  11. I have the deerskin too & it's the softest bag on earth!
  12. i've had the muse for over a year and it slouches nicely. glad to hear downtown does too,since i'm expecting one:yahoo:.
  13. What size do you have the patent leather muse in and where did you find it?
  14. black patent muse.jpg
  15. I should add that I also saw a patent leather Muse at NM in Tyson's Galleria, VA on Sunday where I purchased my Downtown. They also had the patent leather version of that tote (in black and deep purple).