Soften dry vachetta??


Feb 5, 2012
Does anyone know how to soften/fix dry vachetta? I bought a pre-owned roses neverfull and it's beautiful and barely used, but the vachetta is extremely dry. Like I actually thought it was fake for a second when I felt the straps/trim because they were SO dry and almost cardboard-feeling :confused1: I spoke to the lady I bought it from and apparently she kept it stored in her closet practically since she bought it (in the dustbag and hard box) and said that the only thing she'd ever treated it with was coconut oil to make it patina evenly when she got it. From my own experience with coconut oil (I cook with it etc), it hardens and becomes solid at room temperature.. could that have ruined the leather?? Between that and keeping it sealed up in the box for years? I'm not sure what to put on it or what to do to fix it.. and I really don't want to replace all the trim because I don't want to spend more money on it, and to be honest, they are a beautiful color (nice light patina for the age, but VERY dry). Thanks for any advice!
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Jan 6, 2010
Pasadena CA
Maybe try to condition it? Like a conditioner from LMB?
That's what I would suggest. It's a shame that she kept the bag stored in it's box. SA's always advise against that for the very reason that it dries out the bag.
If the LMB conditioner doesn't work, the vachetta may have to be replaced, unfortunately. I hope it works....good luck, OP!